View Poll Results: What is the #1 reason we lost?

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  • Bad coaching

    27 55.10%
  • Lack of talent

    5 10.20%
  • No pass-rush

    2 4.08%
  • No functional O-line

    4 8.16%
  • No functional secondary

    11 22.45%
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    RamOfDenmark Guest

    What is the #1 reason we lost?

    Ok, I've lined up what I think are the top 5 reasons we got the as⁠skicking of the century against the Eagles. But which one issue contributed the most to this sickening defeat?

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    Bad coaching. Our head coach is crap. PURE CRAP! If he can do a good freaking job, it would encourage the others on the staff to do good. Because of him, we are a terrible team. Blame the coach.

    Sure, we have no pass rush and no steady offensive line. But, that does go back to the coaching. We have the talent, but once again, because of the coaching, they can't show it.

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    RAMFANRAIDERHATER is online now Registered User
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    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    I don't think you really can pick just one. They ALL contributed.

    ...but like we say in golf, the Rams mainly suffer from a LOFT issue.

    Lack Of Freakin' Talent.
    Faithful Rams fan since 1968

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    DieHard23's Avatar
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    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    #1 Reason? The eagles scored 38 points and The Josh Brown's scored 3.

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    Frito Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    Linehan has built the worst team in the NFL. Unmotivated players going through the motions because there is no one leading them. Dicky V said as much.

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    OldSchoolRamFan's Avatar
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    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    I have to go with bad coaching. It starts from the top and when you get it put on from every aspect then it has to start with coaching. Early on when Siragusa was saying that the Rams just look flat (even before the third TD), he was spot on. There was no fire from the team and that HAS to be a responsibility of the coach. He would have earned much more respect from me if he would have been running around on the sidelines jumping up and down...just show me something. Alas, I'm usually one of the last to concede, but I do believe that we are indeed in for an overall clean out. Does this mean we won't win a few games this year? NO. Will I be watching every single game, like always? YES. But I am preparing myself early for much more transition ahead.

    What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    Coaching all the way. He needs to go. I see alot of tallent on this team. He can't get them fired up.

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    RANDYRAM Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    How about all of the above and the eagles 38 and Josh Brown's 3

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    RamOfDenmark Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    I chose the secondary as the #1 reason we lost this game. The lack of pass-rush hurt them, but even so this is probably the worst game I have ever seen from any secondary in the NFL. They couldn't cover anybody for more than a second and once their receivers caught the balls no one was close to limit the damage either. Tye Hill to me stood out as downright terrible, he was directly responsible for 2 of their biggest plays (maybe more, just 2 huge ones that I remember right this moment) and looked awful. The safeties were nowhere to be seen either, how do you allow a 90 yard pass at that point in the game? He got loose from the CB and caught the ball, ok, but how the he⁠ll does he then run it all the way back without getting brought down by a safety? We were never close to the ball, didn't cover the receivers, what the he⁠ll were our secondary doing out there? I'm not sure I can find words strong enough to describe how abysmal their performance was all 60 minutes.

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    Pingster7368 Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    You forgot to include the "All of the Above" option.

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    signguy64 Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    There is one and only one man reponsible for what happened Sunday in Philadelphia-----The head coach---The buck begins and ends with him. He's hired to manage and motivate this team and he doesn't know how to do it. That's too bad because he genuinely looks like a nice felolw----but nice doesn't win football games. This man cou;dn't inspire me to pick-up free $20 bills. He is bland and life-less and as a result so are his coaches and so is his team.

    This man proves the Peter Principle that a persom will be promted to his highest level of incompetance. Scott Liehan is Way Way over his head as a head coach. What bright boy looked at him and saw head coach material. I'll bet our beancounting lawyer President had something to do with it (or maybe the show-girl)---it's hard to say with all the football geniuses we have running this franchise who gets the blame for this colossal boo-boo. But whatever we do ---we need to stick with him--------you know--you can't change a coach just because he's lost 14 0f his last 17 games and his team has already quit on him---How would that look???

    This team is owned by people who don't know football and is lead by a man who doesn't know how to be a head coach------and managed locally by another guy (Jay Zygmond sp) who only understands how to manipulate the salary cap----but doesn't know beans about how put a football team on the field.

    The team has no leaders-----Gone are the days of Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, London Fletcher, Grant Wistrom, Tyoka Jackson and what are we stuck with now---------Mark (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)Bulger, "Look at ME' Steven Jackson and a group of guys who look like they just met an hour before game-time.

    Yesterday,I think we in St.Louis ,just witnessed the beginning of the end of pro football in St.Louis----I don't see this francise here in another 5-years.

    And to Ramsy on Radio station 590 who almost hyperventilated at the suggestion of getting rid of Linehan----------WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? ----Linehan must go ---The Sooner the Better.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    I said coaching because the team I saw yesterday was one of the most unprepared teams I have ever seen.

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    signguy64 Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    Quote Originally Posted by RamOfDenmark View Post
    Ok, I've lined up what I think are the top 5 reasons we got the as⁠skicking of the century against the Eagles. But which one issue contributed the most to this sickening defeat?

    Scott Linehan is the head coach ---the buck stars and stops with him
    HE MUST GO ______NOW!!!!!!!!

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    Davetender1 Guest

    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    By FAR coaching. It wouldn't suprise me if this team was as good as back in LA. If Stephen Jackson was "carrying the work load" I would start with giving him more then 14 attempts. Bulger is just scared in the pocket, and they hardly had Holt on the field. How could they not spread out any of the plays so Bulger could at least calm down? There were few (if any) play actions, no split backs to help block, and they could have tried throwing a few slant or quick routes to get the ball out of his hands quicker. I was disgusted, and I feel like this season was started with the intentions of selling them already.

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    Goldenfleece's Avatar
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    Re: What is the #1 reason we lost?

    They do kind of overlap, don't they? I gave the secondary the nod because those big plays put us in a hole early. That 90-yarder not only killed our chance of getting a score before half but killed any momentum we might have had from stopping them there before the half. Of course, even if the secondary had been playing well, we couldn't have won with an offense that could only muster one field goal in the fourth quarter.

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