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    What about Joe Vitt

    While watching the Hall of Fame Game, I noticed Joe Vitt standing around the New Orleans sidlines looking like his usual cheery self. I am 100% happy with Linehan and the direction the football team is going in, But there was a part of me that wanted to try Vitt as head coach once it was a foregone conclusion that Martz was leaving. Since I was not a member of Clan Ram(cause I had not found it yet) when the "Martz was sick, Vitt is our active head coach and Martz can't call the dome during games" phase, I was wondering what everybody's opinion was or is of Vitt's short lived stint as coach and if you guys liked him or not. I liked his entertaining personality and his no nonsense mentality, but don't know if he had the players respect or what it takes to lead.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: What about Joe Vitt

    i like Joe Vitt,he sure could work the gum!

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    Re: What about Joe Vitt

    I liked Coach Vitt...he was a tough coach and did the best he could in those circumstances. Although we only went 4-7, he did the best he could even with the plague of injuries. I think he could become a good D-Coordinator in the future.

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    Re: What about Joe Vitt

    The best thing I liked about Vitt were his press conferences after a game.

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