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    What is it about these 2 teams?

    Well I just got back from Seattle and still haven't caught my breath.

    Man when these 2 teams play you'd better record it because its going to be a barnburner. That was such a good game I'm sorry that one of the teams had to lose. We were all watching the sidelines and when they showed Holt I said its to bad that anyone has to lose after making such a catch to give your team the lead.

    Saturday afternoon I had a chance to head to Seattle (300 miles one way) and watch the game with Aros the owner of and several other of our posters. So since I have 2 daughters in Seattle and 4 Grandkids I left saturday afternoon and spent the 10 to 1 pacific coast time watching the game with 6 other guys.

    Down all the first half, up all the second, wildly feeling we had the game in the bag. Then Mo fumbles and Torry Holt makes a catch for the ages. So we all agreed at that time that if we lost on that catch it was ok because you're only going to get to see a catch like that a very few times in your sports lives.

    Then the mad under 2 minute drill and that penalty with 4 seconds left. I knew immediately that it wasn't one that called for a run off but still wasn't sure what would happen until I heard it was now 54 yards. We've been watching that young man Josh Brown for 2 years now and 50 yards is nothing for him. Shorter ones he'll miss now and then but those? money in the bank. I watched the replay of the one he missed and saw it was a snap into the holders face so when he got it down the laces were at the back and that causes them to hook. So I said, "watch from the goal post picture and if you see the laces coming at you it's going to be good".

    The Rams are going the right way again for sure. I thought both teams played well just in different halfs. I truly hate Bulger for his coolness and accuracy. He's a treasure and does a wonderful job for you guys.

    Until I watched this game I thought you had the same old Rams from last year but not now. I don't envy your next 3 games but I'll wager at the least you will be right in the middle of everyone of them.

    These games are hard on us old guys hearts. Good luck the rest of the season with one exception. Your trip to Seattle.

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    Re: What is it about these 2 teams?

    Great post. Yeah, I feel like the Seahawks are the big fish that got away.

    It was a great game, credit to the Seahawks for not cashing it in and rallying the troops to victory.


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