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    moklerman Guest

    What could have been...

    Anyone else notice during the MNF game last night John Madden talking about Jeff Fisher? He was saying that Fisher started out with the Rams and that John Shaw really wanted him as the next head coach of the Rams. Apparently Georgia wouldn't go for a head coach that was only 33 years old and the Rams wound up re-hiring Chuck Knox.

    Now, I can't stand Fisher but I think he might have been a lot better choice than Knox at that point. I wonder what other changes would have occurred if Fisher would have taken over. I haven't really followed the Oilers/Titans closely enough to know what kind of draft picks he might have made, etc. It's definitely interesting for me to think about as the second coming of Chuck Knox was the beginning of the dreaded worst team of the 90's era for the Rams.

    Anyone else have any good "coulda-beens" for the Rams?

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    sprtsmac Guest

    Re: What could have been...

    I heard that also last night and thought it was kind of interesting. The only that I could say is that we probably would have become a defense first team and that we would have played hard all the time. I say that because that is what the Titans are.

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    Re: What could have been...

    Thanks, Moklerman.

    1971: Coach George Allen, one of my all-time favorites, could have remained with the L.A. Rams -- instead, he was released by then owner, D. Reeves and transferred (along with several Rams) to the Redskins.


    1969 could have been our first Super Bowl win. That season we won our first 11 games... Count them, undefeated 11 straight games.


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    Re: What could have been...

    I remember as a season ticket holder in Anahiem yelling in frustration at Fisher and the defense a lot. Why I remember that I have no idea. I'm sure the team would have taken quite a different road if he was named head coach.

    My big "coulda-been" has always been Eric Dickerson. He was such a force and such a perfect fit with the Ram offense at the time, it kills me to think of how great the team could have been if he had stayed, especially with an emerging Jim Everett.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: What could have been...

    Yeah, the whole Dickerson fiasco brings back bad memories. From what I can remember he basically wanted to be the highest paid rb in the NFL (rightly so) and the Rams refused. Then, to top it off they go out and draft Todd Lyght and pay him more than what Dickerson was asking.

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    Re: What could have been...

    I don't know if I could stand seeing that mullet on the sidelines every game day.

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    Hacksaw Guest

    Re: What could have been...

    Ferragamo not going to Canada. He had the team behind him after the superbowl season and next. Georgia struck again...



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