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    Re: What did Marshall know??

    My wife and I met Marshall at the TGIF's downtown St Louis right after the RAMS had buried the Miami Dolphins (2000). Marshall was very nice and allowed us to take pictures with him.

    As far as Marshall's time with the Colts goes I think that Marshall didn't get along with Jim Mora Sr..

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    Re: What did Marshall know??

    Faulk didn't get along with Mora Sr., that's right la. However, he was very productive in Indy and wanted out. However, Vermeil didn't want Faulk, didn't like his practice style. Martz talked him into it.

    Faulk was always an X and O guy, even at SDSU. I'll never forget being at the Titans game at Nashville in 1999 when Faulk went over and picked up Hakim and got him back into the huddle to saye a timeout. I will also argue that Faulk's best play ever as a Ram was when he didn't touch the ball. His block on the blitzing DB to allow Warner to hit Holt for the first TD in the winning Super Bowl game was a great pickup by 28.

    He just had IT. He knew even where the O lineman were supposed to go. Now, he's saying the whiners have everything in place to be successful especially with Martz scares me. I know some of you say no way, but I'll take 28's review over anyone here anyday.

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    Re: What did Marshall know??

    Quote Originally Posted by Richbert88 View Post
    I don't fully agree. When Marshall came to the Rams, the Rams were not a winning organization. They were just finishing the Banks, Phillips era and were only just removed of the Brooks years. If I am correct, Vermeil was forced to bring in help on Offense, so Martz and his system came over, and he created a system to take advantage of the tools that Faulk brought to the table. Green went down, Warner emerged, the rest is history.
    My point was that 1999, as well as the next few years thereafter, were winning seasons, which he was very much apart of.

    Quote Originally Posted by Richbert88 View Post
    I don't think Marshall had to reinvent himself. The system allowed him to show case the skills he's had since SDSU. Given that opportunity, and having left an organization that felt him so easily replaced, it's no wonder he became the player he did for the Rams.
    What I meant by reinvent himself, was his attitude, work ethic, etc. There is no question he had the talent all along. With that said, I don't know if his attiiude, etc. actually improved after becoming a Ram. It was an assumption. But, if people like Blood 85 had poor experiences with him after he became a Ram, maybe he hadn't changed and that's just the way he is.

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