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    What do we do now?

    I'm not sure which of the following applies:

    1. Our RAMS "have" a legitimate chance of winning the NFC West.

    2. Our RAMS "had" a legitimate chance of winning the NFC West.

    If #1 applies than we have to do something to shore up our depleted WR corp.. There's no way we will be successful as a one dimensional team. Bradford needs a go to guy of the deep pass variety. I have no faith in Robinson, Gibson is servicable, Amendola is a ball control type of receiver and well we don't know what we have in Gilyard yet. What can we do? Has the trade deadline passed? Who's out there? Should we have gone after Vincent Jackson or Deion Branch? Or does any of this really matter? Which leads me to option #2.

    What exactly is in the business plan if you will? Maybe Despags is satisfied with how things are going and the plan calls for year 3 to be the year we go all out to win at any expense? I really believe we have done alot better this season than was expected by DeSpags. Let's face it they're not going to come out in the public at let us in on their plan. Are they satisfied with we "had" a chance or are they going to step it up and go for it now?

    Whichever applies......

    As always.....

    GO RAMS!!!!!

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    Re: What do we do now?

    I donít think they can do anything now. It is amazing to me that Bradford has done this well with receiverís being shuffle in and out and all the injuries. As far as the long term planed I would think they are waiting for next year draft but we need football players and I would have love to seen Vincent Jackson. I donít know how FA will look like next year with the labor problems.

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    Re: What do we do now?

    This sucks because we can take the division with no problems if bradford had 2 decent WR's. REALLY SUCKS!!

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    Re: What do we do now?

    Many have made the argument that since we probably can't win the Superbowl, it was not worth aggressively going after Vincent Jackson. I completely disagree, but I have heard that argued many times.

    I think with another piece or two we can reach the playoffs, the Rams have a special spark this year. They may not have overwhelming talent, but they play with intensity most of the time. This spark may not manifest itself next year, even if we have more talent. That is one of the reasons I dislike everyone talking about next year.


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