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    What do we expect?

    There's no leadership on the field, so why should we expect anything different on it?

    The overall management of the Rams is a (sick) joke, and it's clear that the lack of certainty and leadership is affecting the players, many of whom look like they no longer have pride in being a Ram.

    This season is now a write-off, and it's time to start getting our house in order. Unfortunately, I know that's unlikely to happen seeing as many of those causing the biggest problems are also the ones who need to make the decisions, but I can always hope.

    They need to start by sorting out the Martz situation. Maybe if they announced Martz was definitely leaving and a new external HC was to be brought in during the off-season it might motivate one or two of the underperforming players to start fighting to save their careers in St Louis. Maybe.
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    Re: What do we expect?

    Yes leadership starts at the top and the Rams have plenty of problems at the this kind of performance is not unexpected...

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    Re: What do we expect?

    They could start by firing Marmie. This would show that they at least have a pulse...right now the front office is on life support.


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