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    Re: What do we think?

    Not to say that he isn't going to be fired, but with the idea that regardless of the circumstances, Spag's needs to pull out a win or two. Pull it out of what? Right now he's got a better chance of getting monkeys to fly out of that <you know what I mean>.

    He's not on the field dropping balls and missing tackles and blocks. The talent being so lacking and not being coached up to their potential is why he will be gone if this team doesn't show progress in the near term.

    You can't give an army spoons instead of guns and expect them to shoot the enemy. And Spag's needs to get these warriors shooting instead of spooning on the field. Whether they win or not is less important than if this team is playing competitively.

    Spag's got served a crap sandwich this year. <Got one when he started too with all that dead salary and need to turn over the roster>. Schedule, injuries, etc. It's the regression of effort and development that will end him, not wins and loses. If it were just wins and loses, he'd have been gone a couple years ago.
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    Re: What do we think?

    I think the lack of an off-season, all the injuries, and our schedule will buy Spags more time. If, however, next season begins the same as it has this season, he won't last to the bye week.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: What do we think?

    He will be fired and it is based on one thing, they have not improved in the following season after a promising one, not only that but last season despite what people think they fell apart on the stretch, they did not play like playoff bound Rams when they lost the final game to seattle. And now even tho everyone says they had a lockout and it held them back, I Believe the right coaching staff and players make it work, they are pros who are paid well , if being behind the 8 ball tanks your entire season you werent very good anyway.I live 12 miles from where the Pats play and am surrounded by Patriot news and everyone was worried here to , every team everywhere was , but the good teams forged on and the shakey teams fell on the excuse like a crutch . I think Bradford will be great if he ever gets recievers and a line, and that when it happens Jackson will be in a retirement home because his window is closing, sadly hes being wasted and so is my time watching them.Time to cancel my direct tv football package lol,it is very tiring watching the same game evry week and then hearing how there was alot of positive to come out of it, if i did my job this badly id be fired too, see ya Spags was fun.I am sure he will get a job somewhere else but as Vermeil said it the year they won the title " you have 2 to 3 years and if it doesnt turnit isnt going to" the man himself.
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    Re: What do we think?

    This year, likely not unless a high caliber HC comes available. Question is should Spag get the ax? I am leaning that way that he should. Preseason eventhough the Rams won those games, showed a glaring weakness which can be pinned on Josh McD--Spread offense (urrrgh!) They couldn't keep Bradford from getting planted, and it was just a matter of time that he was going to get hurt. I have always said build a team with what you have, not with what you wish you had. Spread offense with this O-line, no clutch WRs or TEs was a recipe for this disaster from the outset--and I said so.

    So if Spag doesn't see 2012 season with the Rams he has mostly himself and Josh McD to thank for it. Of course he had some help with FO in lack luster free-agancy, no min-camps and a shortened training camp, and a tough schedual but a NFL season with any team is frought with complications. Looking at Green Bays 2010 season is a case in point--they adapted and overcame--2011 Rams not so hense its time for Spag to go

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