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Thread: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

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    What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    I was reading Jim Thomas' latest Q&A transcript at the Post-Dispatch, and came accross the following exchange:

    The stadium even with a upgrade will still be at the bottom of the league because the St. Louis Rams play in it.
    by Ramssuck!

    15-65 is 15-65
    by jthomas
    What do you make of this exchange?

    Consider this. The Q&A sessions are moderated. That means someone (perhaps not Jim Thomas himself) decided to select this comment from someone who goes by "Ramssuck!" and post it for a response. Why would they do this? Is it the PD's belief that it should give voice to immature whiners who simply want to put down the team?

    Then, rather than saying something like "While things have been bad in recent years, things can always turn around in sports," Thomas seems to agree with Ramssuck! when he posts the Rams recent record.

    Now, I'm not saying a columnist should be a "homer," but shouldn't an objective commentator acknowledge that, with a new owner, new GM, new HC, new players, and a truckload of high draft choices in the next two drafts, there is a basis for hope.

    Some may think I'm nitpicking, but, hey... it is the offseason.

    I guess I just feel like the PD, as the top local media source covering the Rams, should be a bit more "high brow," and not wade in the muck with the brainless malcontents.

    Okay, rant over.
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    Re: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    i dont really see much wrong with it, its not the classiest comment but it made me chuckle..
    they could have left it out but its a real opinion that people have so i dont think its out of line to include it.

    JT's reply? well he's probably getting tired of defending the worst 5 year team ever

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    Re: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    It sounds like Thomas has little faith in where Fisher and Snead can take the Rams 3 or 4 years down the road, when the new stadium would be open for business.

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    Re: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    Don't like JT. Never have.

    His Q & A's reveal nothing. He can dribble out a load of waffle without actually informing you of anything.
    I don't bother reading the JT (insert date) posts any more.

    I get more up to date information about the rams from cereal boxes.

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    Re: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    i don't rate any of the writers that are linked to the Rams. none of them seem like Football is anything but an afterthought to them. i tried to join the STLtoday forums but i had to give a Zip code and when i typed in the british version of a Zip code,they said it doesnt exist,also i had to give my home state.the only state options on the drop down were in the U.S.....basically they only seem to want comments from the U.S which kind of annoyed me because i was a fan long before STLtoday sunk their stinky claws in the Rams. it didn't take me long to figure out the forums aren't worth visiting anyway,so no great loss. it was the ignorance to the fact that the Rams have many fans outside the U.S. and that they can't cater for them that bugged me.

    Nick Wagoner may be good but his hands are tied obviously.

    back to Jim let someone with the handle "Ramssuck" have their views shared,that are obviously a bitter and twisted troll does seem strange a comedian handing his mic over to a heckler aslong as he doesn't heckle himself.

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    Re: What does this exchange say about Jim Thomas and the PD?

    There is no way that questioned and answer should have been approved. Hey the truth hurts but we don't need to be reminded by some idiot. The past is the past and it's time to move onward and upwards!
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