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Thread: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

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    What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    I find it interesting to note that...

    1. Five of the Rams' nine losses this year came at the hands of teams who are now in the "final 8" of the league; and

    2. Two of the Rams' seven wins (by a combined score of 65-25) came against teams in the "final 8."

    What does that tell us?

    Certainly, the losses show that the Rams are not "there" yet (particularly given that all but one of the five games was by more than two touchdowns). However, it also shows that the Rams' record was, at least in part, due to a very tough schedule (note that one of the remaining four losses was against a ten-win Arizona team). It also shows that the Rams toughest opponents were in their conference and, more specifically, in their division.

    That said, I think it is noteworthy that the Rams uttlerly dominated two teams who are still alive in the playoffs. To me, that shows that the Rams, at their current best, are quite formidable.

    So what do you see... a roadblock, or hope?

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    re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    I see hope. One of the most frustrating parts of watching Rams games this season was figuring out which version of the team we were going to see that day. Usually you could figure it out pretty early on.

    Some days we're absolutely untouchable. The Colts game is a good example of us going up big and not letting them back into it. The Chiefs, with their great defense all year long, couldn't say the same when it mattered most. The Saints high powered offense was seemingly no match for our defense, either. Not many teams can say they did the same.

    On the other side of the coin, we had the "Hyde" teams, who seemed to let their attitude dictate the game, or the gameplan was wrong, or both of those and more, who knows. You knew it when you saw it that the game was already out of reach, no matter what was going to happen. The Dallas game and the first ***** game, along with the Panthers game are good examples.

    Who's to say what caused it specifically, but 2013 was a tale of two squads that showed up on Sundays, and this offseason should be spent trying to figure out how to keep the "Hyde" squads at home. If we can figure that out, then this team will be a very tough one to slow down.

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    re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    I also see hope. Inconsistency is a byproduct of youth and inexperience. I think we'd agree that our talent, while not up to par in every unit, has nonetheless been dramatically upgraded the past two seasons. That alone will give us a chance most weeks- especially when we have our quarterback healthy.

    I think the Jekyll & Hyde analogy is appropriate. We sometimes played down to the level of our competition. We sometimes played undisciplined football. Yet we rose to the occasion and played gritty, determined football against some good teams. The wins against Indy and New Orleans were highlights.

    I would be disappointed- and surprised- if we do not build on the good elements from 2013.
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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    Hope for sure......

    I find it interesting that no one is using the Sam Bradford injury as an excuse. Sure Clemens did a decent job but Bradford is a major upgrade for sure. Anyway, It's obvious to me that our team is solid in all aspects of the game. Every team has it's ups and downs and it's up to the coaching staff to minimize the downs. Snead & Fisher have done a very nice job assembling our team and the upcoming draft will be very important in taking us to that next step. So for me, the anticipation for the 2014 season is going to drive me nuts until the first regular season game.

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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    It's all about hope. I don't think you can ever cite injuries as an excuse, although losing the QB ranks high. Just ask any Green Bay Packer, despite their loss on Sunday.

    You probably have to categorize the losses based on gameplan, bad luck, emotion and penalties. But we have to find the consistency to overcome those issues and as NJ says the youth on our team needs to season a bit more to reach that level. We will, as most of Jeff Fisher's staff is in place for its 3rd year. Good things lie ahead. It better as next year's schedule is a brutal one. 10 games against teams in the playoffs or double digit wins.

    Go Rams!
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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    Hope for sure. To see a team with so much youth and inexperience get some big wins and take several teams to the brink, including Seattle, is encouraging.

    The Rams came oh so close to finishing 8-8, which would have been quite an achievement without Bradford for most of the season, an unstable, injury plagued OL, the Finnegan meltdown, and a secondary with little experience.

    A good draft, an effective free agency, a more experienced group, and getting healthy, put's us in great shape for 2014.
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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    I see injuries. Consider the fact that you all know my discontent of Clemens and he did a great job. I'm not to fond of Bradford either but he's a much better QB than Clemens. on the defensive end we saw how much we missed McDonald. I think with a true Big number 1 receiver like Marquis Lee an Offensive Tackle and another playmaker at DB we'll be on the level of Seattle and San Francisco. Those two teams are the best in the NFL right now.

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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    When you analyse the wins/losses, then the overriding factor for most of the performances was if a lead was taken early. When we did so, it played to the strength of the team - i.e., the running game / play action and being able to unleash the pass rush on defence.

    If we went behind (obviously more likely to happen against a better team) then it showed our weakness - the passing game.

    Whilst Clemens did an admirable job, a fit Bradford and further roster building will strengthen our ability to come back into games that we have to chase.

    The Niners and Seahawks are huge obstacles but great strides have already been made and I see no reason why the Rams can’t continue to that progress. The results within the division may not have been as good as last season’s but our team as a whole made improvements despite adversity.

    The only way is up!

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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    It means, the Rams better figure out how to win a few games within the division.

    Rams finished 7-9; had they won at least one game against the Seagulls and 49whinners they would have ended 9-7 and MAYBE be among the final 8 in the playoffs.

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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    There's no question I see hope. In fact, I see promise.

    One more solid draft and we should be contending for superbowls.

    Need to improve our secondary, solidify the O-Line, draft a number 1 receiver and we should be playoff bound next season, IMO.

    Of course it'll help if we can also stay relatively injury free.

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    Re: What does the final 8 say about the Rams' 2013 performance and the future?

    in the past, I have been cautiously hopeful. I remember how hopeful I was with Spaz as he came into his second year. But for next year, I see REAL hope. We are a very young team and I think that showed itself last year. When we were good, we were very good. I watched a show on ESPN......5 plays away from winning record. Rams were right there. With a few more bounces our way, we had a chance at a winning record......with a back up QB. Kellen did an admirable job and was a good leader. With Sam, it will be even better. We do not need elite QB to make this thing work. A good steady QB that makes the right decisions and can go vertical when required due to teams trying to take away our run. Kellen struggled here, I think Sam will make opponents pay for that. We should be finally in the black with wins next year.

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