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    What I got out of the game today

    Same as always I'm posting my thoughts of the game.

    1. This team shows alot more intensity with Haslett as HC, they play all 4 quarters

    2. They respond way better to things that go wrong for example the first cowboy's drive was a TD, but they came back with their own score.

    3. Donnie Avery will probably be our no. 1 reciever when Torry Holt leaves us. He has shown us that he can stretch the field in these last 2 games and knows where the ball is.

    4. This is my opinion, but I think it would've been nice to see Keenan Burton catch a few more balls.

    5. If Steven Jackson is out for a week or so with his pulled quad, then we shouldn't be worried too much. Travis Minor was bustin off some big runs.

    6. Our defensive backs contained T.O. and Roy Williams throughout the game. They both totalled 2 catches for 31 yards in the entire game. Our backs are really stepping it up. We had a little trouble with their backups though.

    7. O.J. Atogwe is playing like he did last year. 2 picks on the day that helped us seal the deal. One pick was right over T.O., I bet he's gotta be mad.

    8. Our o-line did a little bit better protecting against the run today than they did last week. They even allowed Travis Minor to get some big runs.

    9. Steven Jackson had his biggest game of the year, we just have to be sure not to over work him.(quad injury)

    10. We got 4 turnovers today, that is more than we have totalled all year, good job defense.

    Add anything else that you got from the game today.

    *Also, I read somewhere that Steven Jackson's injury was a quad pull or a bruise and hopefully it isn't too serious. He is to undergo an MRI*

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    Re: What I got out of the game today

    I was at the game too, that is the most fun i've had at a game in along long long time. Marc looked like the Marc Bulger of old day. He had a great game. I do agree with everything you said they played with alot of intensity today it was just alot of fun to sit there and watch. Ofcourse it was more fun watching the stunned looks on the cowboys fans faces too.

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    Re: What I got out of the game today

    It was such a great game. Avery would've had three clear touchdowns.

    One got called back, and the other he wasn't fast enough to catch up to the throw. But it shows what Avery brings to the table. I better not see Bennett starting over this kid. I will be quite pissed.

    Jackson had an amazing day. It's unfortunate that he's going to be hurt, maybe missing next week. But the way Avery and Holt played today, we can now look at the passing game to advance the ball. Minor did a pretty good job today also.


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