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    What if?

    The Rams where the team driving for the wining score, in the last minutes of the game on Sunday, and the time ran out on us.

    This week I did not hear one criticism of clock mismanagement in the game, pointed at the head coach of the Tards. Coach Green was not blasted as to why he had used all his time outs leaving none to finish with in the fourth quarter. He was not blasted for not calling two plays in the huddle to make sure everyone was on the same page. He was not ripped for giving up a win at home, when he had a great opportunity to pull it out.

    If this were Martz, the media would be all over him, he uses his time outs poorly (still canít remember this ever happening to us). Martz just is not a head coach, you need to teach the details, you canít let thing like this ever happen, you as a head coach must know and make sure all your players including your QB are aware of the situation.

    Yeah they would of had a field day with this one.

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    Re: What if?

    They should all be lined up and shot I tell you!! Wink.

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    Re: What if?

    I agree every one would be all over Martz including some Ram fans. It seems once people start bashing Martz they can’t get enough it’s like a drug to them. It’s to the point that even when he does something right people ignore it.

    I would not blame either coach if they were in the same situation. The team was in position if the offense could just get back to the line and Warner spikes it then they would have had time for two shots at the end zone. If the player had not committed that penalty they would have had a shot. I find it hard to blame a coach for not having a timeout when they would not have been in position to take a shot at it if he was not able to coach them back into it. If he were unable to coach them back into it then he would not get blamed for wasting timeouts. Man you really are doomed in this business if you are a coach every one looks to blame you first because some fans think their players could make every play if just coached properly. It can’t be the player’s fault because he is so good it must be the coach.

    Coaches get way to much credit for losses and way to little for wins.


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