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Thread: What If..?

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    What If..?

    Yesterday I mentioned something about Chip needing to call Marshall. Today I read where Bernie is even thinking the same thing.

    That's really scary.

    Smart thinking, but still scary...after all, Marshall is probably THE smartest man out there when it comes to football. (No offense intended, Nick. )

    But....what if?

    What if Marshall were to take over as H.C. of the Rams? Here's what I think would happen:

    1. Instant respect. All of our opponents would see the fire has come back to the Rams. That means even if we were predicted to lose, our opponents would still be worried. They would know that their chances of winning were cut in half because the Rams would be unpredictable.

    2. The players would wake up. They would have confidence.

    3. Goodell would be looking through the rule book to find out the proper penalty for Faulk, Ellard, and Saunders doing the "Bob n Weave" on the sidelines.

    Now - add YOUR thoughts. What would happen if Marshall came back to St. Louis as HC?


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    moloch41 Guest

    Re: What If..?

    You don't think the chilly relationship between Marshall and SJ would cause problems?

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    Re: What If..?

    The only thing that scares me is the iffy relationship between Faulk and S Jack. We can't afford to let S Jack go. Either Faulk would get rid of him, or their relationship would be strengthened and we got one of the all time best RB's ever, coaching what could be one of the best RB's ever. It would be a glorious day for the NFL.

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    Re: What If..?

    i think both Marshall & Steven are man enough to put their differences aside for the good of the sure Steven hasnt got half asmuch respect for linny than he has deep down for Marshall..they were competing for the same role last time out.

    that wouldnt be the case now!

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    RedArcher7 Guest

    Re: What If..?

    Not like we're gonne do much worse.

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    Re: What If..?

    I think things would straighten out. I'm not too worried about Jackson and Faulk. Seeming they were facing each other for the starting role, something they both wanted. So you can tell there was some tension.

    It won't be there any more. If Faulk becomes coach, I'm more than sure he'll improve Jackson's game.


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