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    What if Chip really is "his father's son"?

    In his Pressbox, Bernie recently entertained a discussion of Chip and what he will or won't do in response to this team. BM made just a few short remarks, but they were centered around the idea that Chip is turned very much like his father. Chip may not know the league, the system, the politics, or even the inner workings at Rams Park, just yet, but has the same characteristics of Carroll.

    So the question becomes......let's assume the tax issues don't force a sell, AND Chip really does move this team the way Carroll would move it.

    If that's the case, what vision do you guys see for this team under the Chip Rosenbloom administration?

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    Re: What if Chip really is "his father's son"?

    I think that the best thing an owner can do is find a person who knows the game and how to build a winner, and hand the keys over to that person. Despite what owners like Jerry Jones may think, "football guys" build winners. Businessmen don't.

    I don't know if Bill Devaney is that guy, but he seems to me to be the best candidate on the Rams' payroll right now. I also like the idea of a successful Head Coach climbing the ranks to the GM position, much as Bill Parcells has done. Some candidates for that role could be Bill Cowher, Mike Holmgren and mabye even Andy Reid.

    The Shaw/Ziggy era must end, though. Hopefully, if Chip keeps the team he'll see this and make his mark by moving away from that old guard.

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    Re: What if Chip really is "his father's son"?

    im all for getting more football guys instead of bean counters in the Rams F.O. ...ok so Matt Millen`s great NFL career as a player hasnt translated to his role in the F.O with the Lions,but to avoid it for that reason would be like refusing to draft in the first round because youve had a first round bust!

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