If the question is: Which area needs the most help right now, I think Av summed it up best in another thread posted earlier on the same subject:
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Here's how I see it...

If every player on the O line who is currently on the roster remains healthy, the Rams would have a pretty good O line.

If every player ont he D line who is currently on the roster remains healthy,
the Rams would still have a pretty weak pass rush.

Pass rusher is the priority.
Regardless of whether or not the Rams braintrust agrees with Av, there is at least one other determining factor to be considered: Which position is deepest in this year's draft class. Some NFL pundits have stated that in this year's draft, the OT crop is deep, maybe the deepest in a long while. So even if the Rams feel that O-line is the greater need, (I'd like to be a fly on the wall hearing the Rams brass and coaching staff debate this) it won't necessarily dictate where we will go with our number one overall pick. If they feel we can grab a great OT prospect with our pick in round two, or if necessary trade back into round 1 to get one, that could be the scenario. If the Rams have an agenda that requires they befuddle other teams as to the player they really want in order to accomplish their goals, it is unlikely we'll know the pick before draft day ... With Miami going first, the Rams may have to settle for the #2 guy on their board anyway .. All things considered, my vote goes to addressing the D-line first.