"Before Scott joined the Dolphins, I considered him to be one of the most innovative coaches in the league, and after working with him this past season, I also came to appreciate his work ethic and organizational skills. I have a great deal of respect for Scott, and I knew he is well-qualified to be a head coach in the NFL."

Dolphins head coach Nick Saban

"Scott is a player's coach with a good side to him, but he could also be very strict. He'll make a heck of a head coach. Scott listens to all the players. He does a great job of keeping the tempo up and calling good plays."

Dolphins quarterback Gus Frerotte

"His speeches and simple directions at a team meeting on Wednesday makes you feel like it's Sunday before you go out on the field. You love it because that energy he brings as a coach keeps you involved and interested."

Dolphins tight end Randy McMichael

"He definitely does not leave any gray areas on plays. If they show us a look, I know what to do. If they do this, I have to do that."

Daunte Culpepper, Vikings quarterback

"I hired Scott three times. He's not afraid to gamble because that's the way he played, and it's a carryover of his personality. Scott's not a yeller. He motivates with his energy, telling his guys how to attack the defense, and they get excited. He's a teacher."

John L. Smith, Michigan State head coach

"Linehan is in a special class for creativity, in my opinion. He sees things, finds a way to get defenders to move that guys with other teams aren't finding."

Paul Wiggin, Vikings director of pro scouting

"I've coached a lot of quarterbacks, and none were as inquisitive as Scott. He was always asking questions and understood the game as much as anyone Iíve ever coached."

Former ***** coach Dennis Erickson, who coached Linehan at Idaho

"When he explains a play, he's very exacting. He explains it like it's the first time he's ever talked to you about it. So that's how you learn it: It's explained every day the same way."

Shawn Hill, former Vikings quarterback