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    What Player....

    .....Are you guys going to single out for this weeks loss?

    You can't blame Avery this week (or I suppose you could). Regardless, I'm sure you arm chair experts will single out someone.

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    King Laurinaitis Guest

    Re: What Player....

    I can see how this was a productive topic. Congrats.

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    Re: What Player....

    I am blaming this loss on our first quarter mess ups. We handed them the ball so many times in our red zone. Defense held up but they still came away with 9 points. The player that lost us the game IMO was the secondary, cant single out just one of them. The D-line barely got any pressure on Rodgers throughout the game so they get some blame too.

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    molar_pistol Guest

    Re: What Player....

    are you implying that the avery fumble in the skins game didn't kill us? i don't understand what you're trying to say here.

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    Punisher73 Guest

    Re: What Player....

    I take full responsibilty for todays loss. Even as a devoted fan I picked against them in my office pool. I would have loved to see them win, but I had to be real and go with the odds.

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