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    What Type of Offense

    Hey Ram fans, I am a guest looking for some information. I was wondering what type of offense you will run in 2007? A singleback or an I-Form (FB) offense. Did you use the singleback or blocking back offense in 2006? How effective do yo think Steven Jackson would be in either role? Thanks, I look forward to your opinions.

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    Re: What Type of Offense

    Probably tons of formations, especially with Jackson and Leonard BOTH lined up.

    I see a lot of shotgun sets with 2 RBs, Jackson on one side, Leonard on the other.

    We'll also use the I-Form again, with either Hedgecock or Leonard at FB. Along with variations on the I (like with 2 TEs and 2 WRs).

    Of course, we'll have some 5 WR sets, with Bulger in the shotgun.

    Probably some singleback sets (2 TE, 4 WR, etc...)

    But for now, I'd say the BASE offense is the I-form, 1 TE and 3 WR.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: What Type of Offense

    Is leonard a decent blocker?

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