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Thread: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

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    What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    Wow, what a brutal game to watch.

    Our Oline was manhandled by the Cowboys 4 man rush all day, we kept the tradition of committing random penalties on every possible return alive, and we got completely out coached on D(that's more of an insult to our coaches and less of a compliment to the Cowboys offensive minds).

    We're making it so easy for other teams and I can't understand what the idea is behind the whole philosophy.

    I really don't understand the 8 yard cushions in every situation, especially 3rd and manageable/short. Shows no confidence in our secondary and allows way to many free releases. I'm over this whole "don't allow the big one" philosophy. We paid Cortland 10mil/year and invested a 2nd round pick on a very risky player with Top 10 talent. It's about time to lean on them or die trying.

    Also, why do we think we're good enough that we can just chill with six in the box the majority of the time and think we're really going to stop the run? We're inviting offenses to run all over us and the Cowboys accepted the invitation. But it seems as if Fisher is to stubborn to change his ways. At least that's how I see it. It also doesn't help that Quinn seems to be the only pass rusher worth anything. Long looks so mediocre at this point and honestly I'm not all that surprised. Hopefully he can turn it around, we need him to.

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    Re: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    I understand the 8 yard cushion is because they are playing such young safeties but it completely eliminates the strength of this defense which is the D-line pass rush. When you give that type of buffer the 5 yard routes are wide open. Long and Quinn can't sack anyone in 2 seconds.

    It was mentioned last night on TV that teams draft WRs that can get off the line with press coverage. They then practice it all camp because it's paramount to battling an aggressive defense. The Rams eliminate it from consideration by stepping back 8 yards from the line. Mind numbing.

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    Re: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    Great observations from both of you guys- I can't figure it out either. What the coaches have in mind is a mystery. I've been a well-documented believer in Fisher since before he was hired and obviously was pleased at what last season brought for the Rams. But we're so far off that track right now it's not even funny. We better find answers- and fast.

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    Re: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    i'm not a fan of soft coverage, i've made that clear

    to really help out the safeties, you should make the CBs make the receivers work for it and the safeties jobs are to prevent them from breaking free

    heck, TJ McDonald is already theoretically returning punts every play, he's WAY back there

    heck, the fact that we don't talk about them much besides a good tackle is good news

    who knows what would happen if Craig Dahl was still back there...

    but again, attack the line of scrimmage, attack the receivers, attack the quarterback

    attack, attack, attack!!

    that's what this D wants to be, aggressive but playing soft doesn't let them

    the few times they've pressed they did a good job, most deflections came by that way

    they need to run toward the line of scrimmage, not away

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    Re: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    I think it going to take Harbaugh mentioning in his post-game interview about just attacking the free yards all day to actually get us to start lining up more aggressively.

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    Re: What is up with our defensive philosophy?

    Not sure that I agree that the strategy or philosophy was wrong vs these opponents who all have QBs and WRs capable of going deep. The Rams have just implemented it poorly. Not sayin' it hasn't been frustrating to watch but so many key guys making mistakes all at the same time would undermine any strategy,imo.
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