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    Re: What is the upside to our 2010 record with a "number 1" receiver??

    Quote Originally Posted by RAMFANRAIDERHATER View Post
    Honestly? In a WC offense? Stretching the field by having an all-world burner at WR isn't all that important, is it?

    I think it's more important that Bradford has a "go-to" guy that he has faith in. A guy that can get open, make the tough catches and has enough speed to get a first down.

    I think he already has that guy.


    So far, in times of need (third down) Bradford has thrown to Amendola when he's on the field. least that's what I've noticed. A "#1" is really what? The "best" receiver? ...or the "best-guy-to-go-to-when-I-need-it" receiver?

    Having a guy like Vincent Jackson or another better know "#1" guy isn't going to make a hill-of-beans difference this year. Bradford will be throwing to Amendola, Robinson, Jackson and his TE's for most of the year as he learns to become a NFL QB. Having Jerry Rice at WR wouldn't change things this year. I don't want to see Bradford take 5-7 step drops (ala M. Martz) and wait for his speed guy to get open this year. He'll get killed. Three step quick slants and dump off's are about all you'll see this year in this offense. There may be an occasional deep throw to keep the d honest, but really, it'll be dink and dunk all year.
    Which is why it is imperative for Danny to play the slot, I just don't see him keeping up his play on the outside.

    Also I think the 6'5'' Vincent Jackson would come in pretty handy on those quick slants and red zone plays.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but don't we pretty much run the Eagle's offense? I could have swore I saw Desean Jackson run some deep routes last year...

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    Re: What is the upside to our 2010 record with a "number 1" receiver??

    Vincent Jackson is a HUGE target and a legit #1 receiver. He is only 27 years old and has plenty of good years ahead of him. There is plenty of upside to bringing him in. It gives us a legit weapon in the passing game and a huge red zone target. It will draw defenders off of the run. It will open things up for our other receivers. It will help Bradford gain confidence. It will relieve us of the need to spend a premium pick in the next draft on a WR, not to mention the fact that he is a proven commodity at the position and not a question mark like a rookie would be. And having an improved offense and another legit pro bowl talent is going to make St. Louis look more attractive to prospective FA's in the future. The real question is what is the downside to bringing in someone like Jackson, other than the big salary that is sure to come with it.

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    Re: What is the upside to our 2010 record with a "number 1" receiver??

    I'm with C-mob on this one. I'm not going to rehash what he's already said, but having V-Jax (or another legit #1) easily adds 3 wins this year. What we don't need is to wait until after cuts and pick up another young cast off hoping to mold him into a good receiver. We're already doing that with the rest of our core.

    Besides, I'm ready for wins NOW!!! I know, "We're in our second year of rebuilding." I hate to break the news guys, but we've not had a winning record since '03, and we've been absolutely pathetic the last 3 seasons. Sounds to me like we've been rebuilding for awhile (or at least we should have been). Getting Spags was a step in our rebuild, not the beginning.

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