JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. What a weekend for Rams fans.

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    What a weekend for Rams fans.

    I like the new organization setup:

    Chip - As the Owner seems like a more active and analytical guy then his mother was.

    Devaney - Will be the football man in charge no more Shaw. He will be more analytical then the last turds. He will have a guy he hand picked that he can work with in Spags. Devaney will have control of the draft and free agency.

    Spags - Is a good defensive guy that brings a lot of respect from players around the league for what he has accomplished as a DC. He can be a fiery guy and players like to play for him.

    The other things making this an entertaining weekend for Rams fans:

    We may start finding out who the rest of the coaches will be this weekend.

    Linehan might replace Martz again in SF as the OC he has been offered the job. They are just waiting to see if he accepts. I cant beleive he wouldn't. This could be a step backwards for the ***** on offense which would help the Rams.

    Here is a Linehan Link to the offer:
    ***** offer Linehan offensive coordinator job | | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA

    The final thing the Rams have to be happy for is Kurt Warner possibly taking another step toward becoming a future Hall of Famer. We get to root for Warner Sunday as the Cardinals make their first ever bid to go to the Superbowl. I hope he wins the Superbowl this year because next year it will be back to rooting against him since we are in the same division.

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    Re: What a weekend for Rams fans.

    Scott Linehan was no good HC for us but he has been a successful OC everywhere he has been. It is bad news for us if he takes the OC job in San Fransisco. Dont mistake his ineffectiveness here as him being a poor OC. He got the HC job here because he was such a good OC everywhere else he has ever been.

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