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    Re: What is your favorite game?

    Yes, for me too: one of my favorite GSOT games was the Packers / Rams playoff game in Jan. 2002, where Favre was dismantled / destroyed, INT'd almost to laughter. No, not five times, but SIX (hee-he-heeeeee); two by Aeneas Williams, both for TDs. It was the Rams improved D that totally took over that time: 45-17.

    However, with the dispensation of LA Rammer, I'd like to recommend the following site to those interested in a more vintage Rams era, the 1967 and 1968 seasons; great times of Rams power and victories. If you'd like to delve into 20+ min. of two of those years through Rams highlights, both in plays / players as well as memorable games, please go to: (the 1968 20 min. highlights follow the 1967 video). Note: Little commercial interruption.

    You won't see too much fancy celebration in these images; the NFL was a bit more sedate. Even the cheerleaders were more 'decent'. But football was also a bit more violent and rugged, hard nose. Artifical turfs were still being developed. FG kickers still kicked the ball straight on, not soccer style. In the mid 60s you'd still see a lot of players with sharp, neat hair cuts (it was said you could set your watch to Johnny Unitas' flat top).

    Below, actor / painter, Rams WR Bernie Casey (played '67-68). Rams RB Willie Ellison (1971). Rams G Tom Mack (HOF; played entire career w/us '66-78) and Don Chuy (c. 1966, 67).

    -- -- --

    I sometimes bring these years here to the Clan to share my 'first love' with Rams greatness; an admiration that began in 1965. The years '67 through '69 though, were such a natural high for every Rams fan diehard. In '67 'my team' scored the most points (398), allowed the fewest (196) in 14 regular season battles -- for both the NFL and AFL. Lost only one game that year.

    One my all time favs was the thriller must-win Vs Packers in L.A., Dec. '67. SI cover photo below:

    GDOT: The Greatest Defense On Turf years 1966-70.
    1968: Rams extremely tough D allows fewest yards in the league. 'Fearsome' was beyond the front four as well. Below is DT Roger Brown, No. 78 (played for the Rams in '67-69). In following pic, DT Rosey Grier ('63-66), colorful character -- except while playing football.

    Below, Rams G of 15 years Joe Scibelli, his one and only team ('61-75). WR Jack Snow ('65-75), another lifelong Ram, even as a sportscaster. Next, reliable K Bruce Gossett ('64-69).

    -- --

    Too bad that web site does not include the '69 regular season. That year we went undefeated during the first 11 games (imagine my elation at that time), and Gabriel was NFL MVP.

    Below, big DE Lamar Lundy, also played his entire career w/the Rams ('57-69). The Roman General ('62-72). TE Billy Truax ('64-70).

    -- --

    I used to revel seeing the simple yet classy Rams uniform -- in color or B&W TV. The great players, some HOF, others just great. Indeed, the Rams were truly fearsome, and not only because of their formidable DL. Believe me, they were a power house on both sides of the scrimmage line. Several fine pro-bowlers, not just one or three.

    The Rams were a very strong team. "This far away", honest to goodness, from taking it all in SB III, IV and V! [I still remember, alas, a silly penalty called against us AND being robbed from a down in the last drive of the game Vs. Chicago -- in our house! That 17-16 loss killed the season. It seemed no one in the entire stadium noticed the missing down until the following day. Bizarre.]

    HOF Head Coach George Allen (Rams 1966-70) and Rams DB Willie Daniel No. 46 ('67-69), LB Gene Breen, No. 53 ('67-68), and All Pro DB Eddie Meador, lifelong Ram No. 21 ('59-70), also in following pic. Next, RB Henry Dyer ('66, '68).

    -- --

    This was my Rams football of a few decades past. Being a teen, I had the entire rosters memorized. Sadly, some of those warriors have passed away. But their professionalism remains in the memory of loyal, older fans. I thus invite you to see this retro Ram footage and enjoy; see blue address above.

    Ken Iman, Rams center (1965-74). Rams Dmen giving Chiefs 'a hard time', late 60s.
    -- --

    Rams RB Les Josephson played all his 10 NFL years with the Rams (1964-67; '69-74). Next, the great Rams LB and D Captain, Maxie Baughan (1966-70).

    -- --

    Come one, come all. Senior and young Clan faithful. If you have the time and would like to see some great Rams game highlights of over 40 years ago, check out the above web site. BTW, there you can also see 1974 and '75.

    Rammer, I hope this post in your thread is okay with you. Gracias amigo.

    Below, Merlin Olsen, ca. 2009.

    What is your favorite game?-1-merlin-olsen-adios.jpg
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