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    What is your most cherished Ram memory.

    Isn't it great that when you haven't thought of something you cherish in awhile and something is said that like a time warp, takes you to your moment. Here's mine,I was back to the New Years eve 1979 to 1980 day when the Rams played the Cowboys in the playoffs. My Father, my stepmom, my brother and his wife, my best friend and his wife, and my wife (then girl friend) were at my condo watching the game.
    CBS wanted a Dallas-Steeler rematch, the experts gave us no chance. Dallas beat us in a regular season game 30-6. And for the first time we were a nine point underdog (largest ever). But our Rams had a 14-5 halftime lead, we were going nuts. Then late in the fourth quarter dallas tooka 19-14 lead and it looked like another snakebitten playoff loss by our Rams. Then when Vinnie hit Waddy for that 50 yard TD, this is exactly what happened in my living room.
    I slide on my knees like I am on ice to one inch from the TV screen my ears and eyes are focused on one thing A FLAG. I see none our Ram players dont act like their is one and they say their isn't one.
    I turn around and this is what I see. The 7 of hem our hugging each other and our jumping up and down like it is one person with 14 legs. I run to join them, but my momentum as I hug knocks us off balance and all 8 of us hugging as one crash into my coffee table breaking it in pieces with crap going everywhere, but, we don't even give it a thought. ALL 8 keep hugging each other and screaming with joy. What is etched forever in my mind is the faces of my Father and Brother virtually and inch from my face with yelling and smiling. Since they are no longer with us, that moment is my moment. And I need it. what's yours?

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    This has already been discussed in the "HOW and WHEN" thread, so it might be easier to just add on to that.


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    bloodnhall Guest
    Only trouble with that is that's not "how" or "when"
    I became a Ramfan. But, if it makes it easier, I'm for it.

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    Anyone got an extra 2 hours and I can tell you all

    In all honesty...there are so many for me that are special I wouldn't know what to say...REALLY!

    Outside of my family I would say the Rams are the next important thing (hobby per say) in my do you say that only one thing is most memorable. Its like asking me what is the most memorable thing my daughter has done

    this make any sense???

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    therams79 Guest

    I relate

    My Father was a die-hard Ramfan and he passed on a half year ago. And I know exactly how you feel. take care.

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    Mr.Blond Guest


    bloodnhall, that was beautiful, man. I don't have anything as good as that. hahaha that was funny (and i'm the same way, ALWAYS looking for a flag)

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