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    What's the deal with the pig?

    When I get online I jump right to the board. You know….. I want to see who's talking smack about the boys in blue or I’m wondering what Jorge thinks about the score this weekend. I’m still blown away by Ms WistRAM’s idea about the cheerleaders!

    Well anyway, tonight there weren’t a whole lot of new posts so I began to sniff around a little bit. The first thing I see is this pig icon on the index page above the title “Rabid Rants”. Feeling adventurous, I click on the pig to see what this is about. Wow pretty good. I continue to move up the column and I have to say these guys know how to write. I'm thinking they give the boys at the Post a run for their money.

    Moral of the story…... Take a minute and smell the roses. Or at least read what the guys have to say on the index page.

    Go Rams!

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    Rabid Rob is a long time Ram fan and good friend of mine.

    He used to write for the old ClanRam but took time off. I have asked him to come back and write for us until we win the superbowl

    He is one of the original SJDers

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    Please don't encourage him.

    just kidding, although I tend to not understand most of what he says.


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    I thought that was only me Bulldog.

    I feel better now

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