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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    What's up with Leonard Little?

    Did y'all see LL miss a chance to sack Trent Green? He made a speed rush to the outside and then played "two hand touch" with Green. Green pormpty dumped a little pass to Holmes and instead of 4th and 12 it was first and 10. The Chiefs went on to score a TD.

    What was/is going through LL's mind? I can see where he may not want to unload on Green, but at least grab him.

    Is his offseason DUI having an effect on him?

    I just do not get it - maybe Green made some subtle move to evade LL that I did not see. Did anyone see Green make a move?? Thoughts ..comments.. Am I over reacting?


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    general counsel Guest

    Re: What's up with Leonard Little?

    Preseason dude! If he missed him during the regular season on a play like that, it might be a different story. Personally, i think little thought green was just going to go down and for some reason didnt want to kill him. When green did just a little spin to evade, i think leonard was taken very much by surprise. In the regular season, i think he creams him. One other point, leonard often tends to try and go high to knock the ball away.

    general counsel

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    Re: What's up with Leonard Little?

    I saw it as a good sign - at least he's still getting pressure on the quarterback. I doubt his offseason troubles are what kept him from wrapping up on his whiff. It happens.

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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    Re: What's up with Leonard Little?

    My concern is from the mental side of the game. Why would LL pass up a chance to tackle a QB? That is what DEs live for.

    With that in mind, I did not get the impression that the Cheifs were holding back when it came to tackling Bulger. :confused:


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    Re: What's up with Leonard Little?

    I think it just goes back to intensity and preparation. The Rams weren't coming into this game with the intention to make a show out of it and pound the Chiefs like Kansas City was to us.

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