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    Wheel of Fortune

    Anyone catch Torry Holt on Wheel of Fortune on Monday night?? He was as animated as ever and even won the whole kitten kabutal.

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Wheel of Fortune

    kitten kabutal.

    I thought it was "kit N Kabutal"?

    whatever that means.

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    Re: Wheel of Fortune

    Ask and you shall receive:

    Kit and Caboodle
    The OED2 says that kit apparently derives from the Middle Dutch kitte, a wooden vessel made of hooped staves. The earliest cite in that dictionary for kit meaning a collection of items is from 1785 in Grose.

    The earliest cite for caboodle in the OED2 is earlier than the appearance of kit and caboodle, although that dictionary says caboodle is a corruption of boodle from that phrase. The cite is the 1848 Ohio State Journal. It means the whole lot.

    Boodle dates from 1833 in J. Neal's Down Easters. The origin is obscure, but it may derive from the Dutch boedel, meaning estate or property. Lighter lists a 1699 American usage of boedel referring to the estate of a dead man. It also lists a use of boodle, meaning a crowd, from 1827.

    The OED2 lists an 1861 cite of kit and boodle from T. Winthrop's John Brent, and a 5 February 1888 cite from the Boston Globe of kit and caboodle. So the phrase in question is clearly of US origin.

    So kit and caboodle is a redundancy. The initial syllable in caboodle was probably added for alliterative purposes in the phrase. The "k" spelling variant is also probably alliterative.

    We now return you to your regular scheduled football discussion.

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    Re: Wheel of Fortune

    Ahem, someone needs to get a life


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