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    Re: When/Will the Rams add another WR?

    To go back to original question posed in the first post... Yes, we'll be adding another receiver, that's a given, as we won't go into the season with just four at the position. However, when is the big question. Given that we're looking for a receiver that at best could become the #3 by seasons end(ideally; of course if they became more, then all the better), we're not looking to make any kinds of trades because we're not looking to win the Super Bowl this year. We're looking to win it in the future, and you don't do that by mortgaging the future by giving up draft picks. We'll look at Reggie Brown, and we'll look at Deion Branch, but we won't be trading for them. We'll be happy to sit and wait until they're cut.

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    Re: When/Will the Rams add another WR?

    Remember when trading for Curry was going to really boost this WR corp?

    And no, Spags can't fix Brandon Marshall. He's a head coach, not a nanny. Brandon Marshall has been acting like a baby needing his bottle for weeks and I can't imagine any team rebuilding wants to add THAT to the team chemistry. If you are building via the 4 pillars, you don't add that junk.

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