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    Where do Rams go from here?

    Where do Rams go from here?
    By Roger Hensley
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    QUESTION: With the Rams suffering through a miserable season, where does the team go from here?

    We’ll answer the question with three questions. Now that Keith Null has been exposed to NFL regular-season play, does Steve Spagnuolo decide to play him the rest of the way? Given Steven Jackson’s back problems, should Spagnuolo shut him down for a week or more? And now that Bad Richie is back, what does the head coach do with Incognito?

    The rams are already involved in what’s next. The pro personnel department and scouting staff have been out for months evaluating potential draft picks and pro free agents. They must hit home runs this time. They need to find impact players right away.

    They probably should start thinking about: 1) shutting down Steven Jackson, 2) same thing with Jason Smith, and 3) taking a longer look at Keith Null. Steve Spagnuolo would never admit as much, but all eyes should be on 2010 now.

    Shut down Steven Jackson until his back improves. Put Marc Bulger and Jason Smith on injured reserve. Continue auditioning younger players for 2010 roles. Take that daring attitude demonstrated on special teams and instill it on offense and defense, too. The Rams are likely to lose out either way, so why not push the surviving players to their creative limits? Come on guys, let’s have a little fun out there!

    KEVIN WHEELER (Host of “Sports Open Line” on KMOX)
    It’s time to go shopping. This team has so many needs in key positions there is no way to solve them all in the draft, so they’ll have to hit the free agent market aggressively this year and be willing to overpay on signing bonuses to attract at least a couple of top-tier free agents. Cash up front is the only thing that’s going to convince a free agent to come to a team that has lost this much.

    They’ll have the opportunity to add 3-4 starters in the draft, ideally at least one impact starter instead of a project at the top of the 1st round, but they need more than that. Depending on what happens with their current teams, there are a few big name players set to hit the market at positions of need for the Rams. Receivers like Vincent Jackson and Brandon Marshall; defensive linemen like Julius Peppers, Richard Seymour, Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly; linebackers like Karlos Dansby and DeMeco Ryans. They’re not all going to hit the open market and some certainly have some baggage to deal with, but this offseason is one where this franchise will have to be aggressive, otherwise they’re going to have another down season in 2010. The draft picks alone won’t be enough to make this team competitive.


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    Re: Where do Rams go from here?

    It's time to bring in some football players! Forget about them being good "character" guys, who cares if they are good "church going folk" or crackheads as long as they can play some ball. "We will rally around the crackheads and we will play good football."

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    Re: Where do Rams go from here?

    I find it more than slightly irritating that Ryan Pickett is on that list, when we already had him and let him go!
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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