First week SJ two fumbles, second week Hall and Holt fumble. Sunday Marc with his three INT, one from inside the red zone another from the thirty. Two missed FG by money. Hard to believe really, even with all those injured O line men we still have had more then enough scoring drives to win games.

A few scenariosÖ

We continue to lose players like we did again this week on the O line and we finish at the bottom of the NFL and have a top 1-5 pick.

We start to hold onto the ball and finish drives. Get some players back and fight our why back into the race in the west.

Linehan loses this them completely and they stop playing for him and we get the first pick in the draft and a new staff and start all over.

This offense is so bad we are going to need the ST and the D to win a game in spite of the offense. Pick 6, Kick return for six, 3 or 4 turn- overs. We are a team without an identity. We are not a high-powered Offense, great D or special teams. I think right now we are just a bad football team.

Iím not going to blame the FO or the coach, the players not yet. I want to see what they are made of. You really donít know someone until they have to go through some tough times. Sure when my business is doing great Iím the best guy in the world to hang out with. But how do I deal with some set backs, do I pack it in or fight the fight.

All we can do is sit back and see how this plays out.