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Thread: Where have you gone, Tavon Austin?

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    Re: Where have you gone, Tavon Austin?

    Quote Originally Posted by richtree View Post
    Like I said before we drafted him, Fisher isn't accustomed to using a guy like this, and Austin need to be used in the backfield and in very unconventional sets.
    Funny you should mention that. Fisher "claimed" that the Rams planned to use Austin in the running game against the whiners, but never did, not once. His excuse that they got behind and couldn't use him, was simply inane, seeing they didn't get behind until the end of the first half. Fisher and Schotty need to wise up.

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    Re: Where have you gone, Tavon Austin?

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    Look... while I realize that the online sports media has become the proverbial "infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters with an infinite amount of time who will ultimately type out all of Shakespeare's works," but I still maintain that there are issues that are not worthy of their own article. Tavon's progress after four games in the NFL, in my opinion, does not warrant an article.
    I totally disagree. That kind of sensible breakdown is exactly what we need; it factually demonstrates one of the multifaceted problems The Rams have on offense & avoids the scapegoating hysteria & vague generalizations with little to no demonstrable evidence that have been rampant on this board lately. To me, it demonstrates quite effectively that sometimes Schotty and TA have been let down by the unit's overall lack of execution. Makes a lot more sense to me than the calls are always unimaginative.

    Doesn't mean the OC hasn't been out-guessed by opposing DCs more than you'd like or that Austin hasn't dropped catchable passes, failed to make good decisions on returns, failed to make guys miss in space on the few occasions when he's had a chance, whether it be with the ball in his hands or getting off the line cleanly, and just generally doesn't yet have the guile & technique that comes with experience and, we hope, good coaching. And a dozen other equally factually-backed issues like pass pro, anemic run game,a ST flag epidemic, QB mistakes, etc.
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    Re: Where have you gone, Tavon Austin?

    Nice article, I always enjoy detailed play breakdowns. It seems like part of the issue thus far has been playcalling, part has been execution. That supports the notion that many fans share through four games - everyone, players and coaches alike, need to do a better job in order for this team to be successful.

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