the most disappointing thing for me is that when Martz was here, be it as OC or Head Coach, we always saw Holt and Bruce downfield making big catches for 25-30 yards minimum

Linehan seems to specialise in plays where their routes always end up heading towards the sideline, so when the ball does get there they end up going out of bounds with no chance of making a play. Now i know Holt and Bruce may have lost a little bit of speed due to ageing, but they are still fast enough to make plays downfield.

The main reason im disappointed is that New England gashed this Steelers pass defense, but yet we managed a long of 23 yards in the passing game. The only time i saw Bulger air it out was that Hail Mary at the end of the first half which was intercepted. I dont think this was on Bulger, you could see in his play that there were times where he was just aching to throw it downfield.

I know that because we dont have a speed guy like Az Hakim or Kevin Curtis that getting deep isnt easy, and that Bulger cant wait in the pocket too long because of the line. But the pass protection wasnt bad tonight, so i would have liked to have seen Linehan at least try and air it out.