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    Where is the passion this year?

    Is it just me, or is all the passion of the team this year solely on the defensive side of the ball. I haven't seen the offense have fun since Detroit. I just don't see the same salt and vinegar on the offense this year. It is like the Rams O has began to believe all the media poison. "Greatest Show on Earth", "Only the Rams can stop the Rams" that sort of thing. Well, wouldn't it be a crying shame if the Rams did stop themselves? They may just do that if they don't fix a few problems.

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    The 2 loses can be placed solely on the shoulders of the offense. You’re right Tx, the players seemed dazed at times when they don’t score at will. The reality is that it is not that easy. Kurt Warner is mortal after all. It’s like they think “It’s alright, we’ll score on the next possession….then the next and the next and the next.”

    It’s reality check time. Let’s just hope we can finish strong and take it into the playoffs.

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    Angry YEAP

    I see it as well. It reminds me a lot of the preseason games this year

    There heads seem to big for the show.

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    Okay, offense is less than stellar this year. But it sure seems that a couple of the Bucs' TDs were practically walked in. I do feel the injuries are affecting the D but they'll correct themselves. We want to think that injuries to Warner's hand are minimal and shouldn't affect his throwing, but obviously that isn't the case. I've seen some good blocking on offense this year, but not in this game. They were getting to Warner too fast and that nasty hit on Faulk by Sapp, well, enough said. I'd like to calm my fears by saying its only 2 losses. But they were to less than impressive teams. Shame on us! The one game that I saw true passion from the Rams was the first home game against the Fish. Haven't seen it since, ESPECIALLY not at home.
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    The one thing that scares me a lot and pisses me off a little is when I watch the Rams I see a team that thinks they can turn it on whenever they want against any team in the league. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with a little swagger and feeling you are the best. What I do have a problem with is the lack of urgency I see in the offense. The past two seasons the Rams offense would take the field and try and score a touchdown every single time, plus they would do it with a sense of "attack, attack, attack". This year I see almost an "oh, well" attitude. I'm probably wrong and if so, then damn, I'm sorry. In the playoffs when we have to go against some strong competition week after week they had better be ready to play and better have the "on" button going at all times. Maybe I'm being too tough on the boys? What does everyone think? jd

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    The passion on both offense and defense seem to have switched places from last year. We lead the league in turnovers on offense, and if we eliminated those, we would be invincible. We have the No.1 offense and the No.2 defense. The offense seems to expect to make big plays and win the game, which isn't bad, but when they make mistakes (which has been very often recently) they seem like they don't care. I don't see as much celebrating or congratulating from the players on offense when they do make big plays. Although the passion on offense does seem to be gone, I won't complain, as they still possess the top spot in the league. I love seeing the passion on the defense, and if our offense can keep the ball and score at will without giving the ball up, the Rams will cruise through the rest of their games and show their true prowess. :king:

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    It just goes to prove that you have to deserve to win every game....nothing is free.

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    porkchop Guest

    Unhappy Ditto

    I have been wondering the same thing myself. It looks to me like the team is just going through the motions every week, expecting to win because people tell them they will win. They don't look like they are playing with any fire. I know Warner has a bad thunb and Faulk's knee and everything else, but they don't look like the old Rams in my opinion. The explosiveness just isn't there like it was. The bright spot has been the defense.

    In my opinion, the 9ers look like the best team in the division right now. They have improved greatly while the Rams are basically the same team as they were in week 1. I would not be a bit suprized to see the Rams get in via the Wild Card this year (unless things change). The "hungry" team right now looks like SF, not the Rams. Hopefully the team gets it's fire back, because right now it doesn't look like it's there.


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    This is the best offense in NFL history. It's one thing to improve, like the ***** have, it's another thing to maintain perfection.

    I found myself watching the Falcons game, often getting angry because we didn't convert or Warner would throw a bad pass. Then I'd look at the score and ask "what am I so mad about? we're winning big." I think I've just gotten spoiled watching the Greates Show on Earth.

    One of the hardest things to do in the NFL, it seems, is to be great when everyone says you're great -- it saps a teams drive and strips them of something to work towards. That's why it's so rare for a team to repeat in the Superbowl. It seems harsh to say the O has no spirit considering all they've done and do. We've been waiting for the Rams to return since '79. Let's enjoy it and hope they have the focus and discipline to strive for perfection through the post season.

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    RAMSFAN Guest

    great post

    wow, txrams, this is a really great post!

    I couldn't agree with you (and several of the posts)more.

    The fact is we do have an awesome offense and sometimes it looks like they are 6th graders playing against 3rd graders...they are just that good. With such missmatches and all the publicity they arne't inspired to prove anything. Two years ago, they really felt they had no respect and needed to prove themselves...even last year the O wanted to prove they weren't a one year wonder. But this year everyone knows (expecially the Rams).

    I don't know the answer, but if they can't get pumped up for the Niners and the Saints rematch, I don't know what will.

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