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    Where Are They Now--D Farr

    By Nick Wagoner
    Staff Writer

    D’Marco Farr loves rings. No, not the kind of diamond-encrusted rings that women pine for, but the championship kind.

    His love for those precious pieces was his top goal when he played defensive tackle for eight seasons in the NFL. In fact, his championship aspirations dated further to his time with the University of Washington, where he won a national title in 1991.

    After going undrafted, Farr caught on with the Los Angeles Rams in 1994, a year before they moved to St. Louis. He contributed his time and effort to not only making the team, but also becoming a productive player in the league. When his second season started, Farr was entrenched as a starter.

    For the next five years, Farr started every game. He was literally in the middle of everything as the Rams ascended to the NFL’s highest peak. In 1999, his hunger for the game’s top prize was satisfied when St. Louis beat Tennessee to win the world championship. Farr’s jewelry collection got a large addition in the form of that ring.

    “Once we got it right and we won the whole thing, it was the crowning moment,” Farr said. “We had gone through some ups and downs so to finally say here we are, here’s a champion, here’s a trophy was a special moment for not just us, but the whole city.”

    He retired after battling injury problems in 2000 and attempting a comeback with San Francisco in 2003. When his career was said and done, Farr racked up 36.5 sacks. He left the game he loved, but his love of championship bling didn’t go with him.

    It comes as little surprise, then, that Farr is doing his best to become a coach at football’s highest level. He loves the competition of football too much to stay away and even more than the competition, he loves winning.

    Farr participated in the NFL Europe coaching program this past year, teaching the defensive line for the Berlin Thunder. In the meantime, Farr learned many life lessons about some of the culture differences. Farr’s infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on the Thunder as they won the World Bowl, beating the Frankfurt Galaxy 30-24, adding yet another ring to Farr’s rapidly growing collection. Along the way, his defensive line piled up 28 sacks and a pair of touchdowns in 12 games.

    That ring, though, doesn’t quite compare to the Super Bowl ring, the always-affable Farr said.

    “As far as looks, there is no comparison whatsoever,” Farr said. “There’s fugazi and then there is real. The meaning is still the same. It still says champion on there.”

    Perhaps the chance to get another prize piece spurred Farr’s desire to get back in the NFL, but there is little doubt that he wants to get back into the league as soon as possible.

    When he got back from Europe, most of the league’s coaching staffs were already set. So, Farr had to search for other alternatives. Originally, Farr was supposed to intern with Kansas City and former Rams’ coach Dick Vermeil. He got a call from Arizona, offering him an internship helping the defensive line. Farr spent training camp with the Cardinals, learning from Green and seeing the NFL from a new perspective.

    “It was really, really cool,” Farr said. “It was almost life changing. I got to see what it was like on the coaches’ side for training camp. It’s a 100 percent difference.

    “I used to complain about training camp as a player, but then you see it from the coaches’ side and I see how these guys wake up at 5 a.m. and they don’t go to bed until 2 a.m. just so they can get this defense worked out so they don’t get their butts kicked on Sunday. You don’t really see how each piece fits into the puzzle into you are sitting in that room with the defensive coordinator.”

    With no opportunities to coach in the league, Farr is pursuing other interests to bide his time. He is continuing his work in television. He works on San Diego’s “Gameplan” show, a pregame look at that week’s game. He also does color analyst work for Fox Sports on college and high school football games.

    “I miss that struggle,” Farr said. “I love the pressure that comes with the pro game. The constant fight to be a winning team is awesome, I love those chases.”

    If Farr doesn’t make it back right away as a coach, perhaps he can add another title as a player.

    “I haven’t done anything in four years, so who knows?” Farr said. “I may trot back out there. Deion’s doing it, Bernard Hopkins is winning belts at 40. Why not?”

    Farr was kidding, of course, but his desire to stay in the league and become a coach is no joke. Based on his history of overcoming the odds, expect him back at the league’s highest level sooner than later.

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    Re: Where Are They Now--D Farr

    Hmm, Kollar as D.C., Farr as D-line coach....oh, I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.

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    Re: Where Are They Now--D Farr

    It could only improve things...there's no place to go but up...


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    Re: Where Are They Now--D Farr

    They don't need to look down or else things could go bad for them.

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