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    Where's The Coverage

    Hey I'm Back........

    Has any one noticed this.... I see all the rants on Farve and now Moss, all the cryin in Dallas.....I don't care anylonger about #4...I dont care about his sexting...Moss is just a bad card anywhere he goes. no more...please

    I live outsode of DC and now this QB controversy, with McNabb., Redskins now will self destruct.

    and Today on NFL Radio moving the Chains,,,, This Dallas Fan is giving up on his team....they are at a loss....geez 1 bad season and they can't take it..... If you've been a Ram fan...a long time fan,,, this grates on me..
    the Dallas Fans need to suck it up....and support thier Team...

    I watched the game, then switched around to all the highlights, and hell...Nowants to talk about the Rams.... as if Coverage will Jinks us..
    I'm not fortunate enough to get Media coverage, so I rely on Web Casts, and Listen to St.Louis Radio at work via the Web...

    I feel like the media is Dising the Rams, and not giving our team its due respect.....I didnt hear one single line about the Rams all day, First one I saw was NFL network at midnight . Am I wrong or do you all agree???

    San Fran Goin Down...... GO RAMS
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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    I did see a few tidbits of the Rams but they are barely more than afterthoughts.

    The Rams are not 'sexy' enough to get much coverage and they have no 'malcontents' and currently nobody in the court system (that I've heard of) so they are just a nice, albeit boring, story.

    For the most part any Rams coverage has pretty much to do with the maturation of Golden Boy.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    Tons of Rams and Bradford love on the NFL Network. The Favre and Jerry Jones/Wade Phillips drama oveshadows everything though.

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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    Once we beat the whiners, we will start getting some respect. I think everyone in the media is waiting for the ***** to start to click and run away with the division. Come two weeks they are going to realize thats not going to happen.

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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    There are a lot of teams in the NFL that are having surprise seasons besides the Rams but for some reason the horrible Vikings and Cowboys and getting all of the coverage. The Jags and Giants destroyed the Cowboys the last 2 weeks but for some reason after the game there was no talk of the winning team. It was mostly just talk about the Cowboys and how they would overcome the losses and the team's future.

    It is annoying that the media focuses on dumb, silly and insignificant stories rather than on the teams that are playing good football but it's not just the Rams that are being completely snubbed by the media. It was nice on ESPN first take last week though when Nelly was on the program and they were actually talking about the Rams and their chances to make the playoffs. Maybe there are more St. Louis celebrities that can show up on ESPN and get people to talk about the Rams more often.

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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    I heard yesterday on NFL Talk (Sirius) Rich Gannon say that the NFC West is a 2 horse race. The Cards and Whiners are done in his opinion. So the much improved RAMS and Seahawks will battle it out for the title.

    Music to my ears!

    GO RAMS!

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    Re: Where's The Coverage

    I guess if we can't beat Troy Smith we don't deserve a shot at the playoffs, lol.

    Two weeks to prepare for a road win, and pick up Rand Moss along the way !!!!

    Lets go boyz/

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