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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Whiners game

    With the reported loss of Tye Hill the boys are gonna have their hands full. Pisa banged up, Bennett returning but still banged up, Pace out for the season. I remember last year we went through this and it sucked. One positive last year was even with the make shift line this teams talented offense exploded. What worries me is the 5 game skid last year when all these problems started popping up. This team cannot afford that this year. This division is gonna play hard and the winner may very well be 9-7 again with the way our teams play against each other. A true champion rises above adversity. If any team in the NFL is facing adversity right now its the Rams.

    Speaking of adversity Frank Gore lost his mother this week. My prayers and thoughts are with him as he deals with that pain. As a fan of the rams though I have to be a little concerned about him leaving his pain all over our field much like Favre did to the Raiders. So basically I have decided he should break the single game rushing record against us but we still win by 3. Then of course Stephen Jackson breaks Gores record the following week.

    Its been a tough week in Sports for me. Until winning the series over the Padres my Dodgers were struggling a little over the week losing 2 out of 3 to the hated giants. My fantasy team had a 44 point lead going into Sunday night. The problem there is the opposing team had Romo and T.O and all of a sudden my lead disappeared. Then of course there was my Rams. Its been a long time since I felt that dejected over a loss. I really had a feeling this team was gonna push deep into the playoffs setting up a couple Super Bowl returns over the next few years. They looked terrible over the course of that game. Add to that Pace getting pushed out of the season and I saw the season pass before my eyes.

    This week we play the Whiners. This is a team supposedly on the rise. As good as that defense looked I still dont know if I buy it. This great Cardinals offense that we have heard about has looked anything but great over the last few seasons. Alex Smith looked terrible until the last drive (that does show some maturity with the comeback). Gore was not dominant he put up most his offenses yards but was not breaking off big gains all night. Right now you have a team that feels dejected and worn out like its week 9 of a tough season. You have another team in the Whiners that are all pumped up and ready to pounce. Where do the Rams draw inspiration from??? From the fact that we are playing the low down dirty whiners. A team that beat us up for a decade and called us "The same old sorry @$$ lambs". This is a game that many are saying is a must win. I want a merciless beating where the whiners second string comes in because they are too far behind to comeback. "A must win" as if the Rams now all of a sudden were just an over hyped team with no real talent. Holt, Jackson, Bulger, Bruce, that alone would make any defender quiver. Add Mcmichael and Bennet to that equation and a rookie RB that has great moves out the backfield. This is a must win not because the season will be lost if we lose but a must win to put the whiners in their place. OUR HOUSE, OUR TEAM, OUR VICTORY. Im done dragging around this house being bummed about last week this is Rivalary weekend. This is the rivalary that got me into football to begin with. I enjoy nothing more then watching the Rams beat the piss out the whiners. Come Sunday afternoon I will be in a festive mood as the Rams stomp the Whiners. This is our division and the conquering begins Sunday.

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    Re: Whiners game

    Last week will look a whole less bad if we kill the whiners despite all the losses. That said, it's going to be crazy hard to put any team away for the next while, with both starting CB's out. At least the run defense will look better?

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    Re: Whiners game

    AMEN to that brother. Im a Dodger fan and I know EXACTLY how you feel.

    Lets get it going. Its Whiners game on Sunday!
    Rams Fan For Life:clanram: :clanram:

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    Re: Whiners game

    Nobody thought the Rams would go through the season undefeated. Week one was simply the first loss of the season

    The Rams have the talent to get it done and now is the time to start getting it done.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Whiners game

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramsanddodgers View Post
    The Rams have the talent to get it done and now is the time to start getting it done.
    "Time has come today -- there are things to realize."
    -- The Chambers Bros.

    GO RAMS!

    Sorry to hear about Gore's mother. Sincerest sympathies.

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    redheat Guest

    Re: Whiners game

    Suck it up guys. YOu are at home and SF is really not that good of a team.. Go out there and kick some ass.

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    Re: Whiners game

    Obviously the Panthers are respectable and I don't think anyone here thought the Rams would win for sure, but the fact that we were at home seem to give us the edge. Definitely didn't expect the Rams to lay an egg, as they did.

    The bright side was that if we were to only win 1 of our fist 2 games, better that it be the whiners, getting a division win.

    However, now our backs are against the wall. With Pace and Hill out, and no real depth, I'm not sure whatever motivation these guys can stir up will be enough to beat a team coming off a victory with some momentum and confidence.

    I think this is where luck comes in. With a little luck, we can get out of our fist 4 or 5 games still in the neighborhood of .500 and get things clicking right at the same time some of our starters are returning to play.

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    BayArea408Niner Guest

    Talking Re: Whiners game

    We'll be having Lamb chops for Sunday dinner.

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    Re: Whiners game

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    Last week will look a whole less bad if we kill the whiners despite all the losses. That said, it's going to be crazy hard to put any team away for the next while, with both starting CB's out. At least the run defense will look better?
    Do not be too sure. Remember when we played the aints w/o Deuce a few seasonsa ago? Everyone thought, including our D, that we would have it easy. His backup ran for close to 200 yds.

    No drooling until the game is in our hands!
    Socrates: Surf to live! and Live to Surf!

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    Sweets Guest

    Re: Whiners game

    Look past us like the Bronco's did last season.

    Good luck Lambs, let's just hope neither team suffers any more injuries.

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