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    Re: Whiners Nuke Rams 35-16; The Good, The Bad and The (mostly) Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by MoonJoe View Post
    Death March to the Draft! I love it!

    third! hilarious.

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    Re: Whiners Nuke Rams 35-16; The Good, The Bad and The (mostly) Ugly

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    Call me an apologist, but i think that bulger is so desparate to make plays, that he is just trying to jam the ball into impossible spots. A lot of these throws are coming when we are already behind by two tds or more. Bulger wont say it of course, but he knows that our defense stinks and he knows that if we get further behind, the game is over. Thus, he is trying to force the ball down the field, especially to avery. When it works, it falls into the category of "he threw it up and gave his receiver a chance to make a play." When it doesnt work, it just looks like what it is- a bad decision. He may also be looking to catch a break here and there with an INT call.

    Its interesting that most of the time, he is trying to force it into avery, especially deep down the field. I think he recognizes that avery is the only game breaking threat that we have, and this is consistent with my theory that bulger is really trying to find a way to make big plays and "catch up fast." To some extent, its like a baseball player that is swinging for the fences when he team is down by 7 runs and what his team really needs is baserunners.

    I do think that the run blocking was solid early. We had almost 70 yards rushing in the first qb and that is excellent work by the line, far far better play than in the past few weeks, especially without jackson. Then of course, the defense collapsed and we got too far behind to do anything much except throw. Losing pace and cogs sure doesnt help as the droppoff from pace and cogs to goldberg and romberg is of epic magnitude.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

    I'll take the high road on that apologist stuff, since you all but admitted it.

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