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    Who is coaching the cowboy game?

    Is it Vitt or Martz? I don't remember if there was an answer to this question. Anyone know for sure?

    And what happened to Fitzpatrick? I have missed the last two games and I would like to know why he is not playing? Is he struggling and throwing lots of picks or did he get hurt?


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    Re: Who is coaching the cowboy game?

    Vitt will coach the game. Martz could come back but doesn't want to step on Vitt's toes. I'd like to see him up in the booth though but I'm sure Shaw would have something to say about it. Maybe Martz will sit in the owners box !!!! That would be interesting television, and possibly add a new twist to this ongoing saga.

    Vitt says Martin gives the team the best chance to win, and he's trying to win a ballgame.

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    Re: Who is coaching the cowboy game?

    I Just Want A Victory To End The Season...

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    Re: Who is coaching the cowboy game?

    He is the HC and I would love to see him show up on the field tonight and do the play calling as well. If this winds up being his last game as the Rams HC I would like to see him go out coaching it. The season is over after this one so it doesn’t matter about the player’s response to it. I think if the FO were getting rid of him it would be a great gesture on their part to tell Martz they would like him to coach the final game of the season if he is up to it.


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