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    Who did the right things? Who knows?

    By Bryan Burwell
    Sunday, Apr. 29 2007

    Years from now when we scrutinize the fascinating and perplexing decisions that
    went into the making of Day 1 of the 2007 NFL draft it probably will go down in
    pro football history as the Year of the Great Second Guess.

    Few drafts in recent history were so fraught with as many head-turning and
    debatable personnel judgments than what we saw in Saturday's first-day draft
    marathon. Pick a team — any team — and you'll find reason to wonder if it did
    the right thing or ultimately deserve to have its entire personnel department

    Will the Oakland Raiders look back on this as the weekend that reshaped their
    sagging franchise's fortunes when they used the No. 1 overall pick on JaMarcus
    Russell, the howitzer-armed, 6-foot-6, 260-pound freak-of-nature quarterback
    out of LSU? Or will they instead become a part of NFL infamy as the cruel and
    painful answer to this NFL trivia question:

    Which NFL team lost its mind and passed over Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson, who
    turned out to be that once-in-a-generation future Hall of Fame talent with the
    mind-boggling wide receiving skill-set that is a frightening cross between
    Jerry Rice and Randy Moss at their very best?

    Will this be the draft that the Rams look back on as the day they took huge
    strides to repair their tired run defense with lineman Adam Carriker and added
    a new dimension to Scott Linehan's explosive offensive attack? Or will the 2007
    draft be most remembered for a grand missed opportunity when the Rams failed to
    pull the trigger on a trade with Carolina for a more proven commodity such as
    former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kris Jenkins?

    Or will this 2007 draft day be best known as the day the entire NFL got it dead
    right or terribly wrong about perpetual hype machine/Notre Dame quarterback
    Brady Quinn?

    Let's deal with the Quinn Thing first. As he began his first-round free fall
    and we had to endure the sight of his agony in the NFL green room, I had a hard
    time feeling his pain. Why? Because he spent the past month and a half
    campaigning to be a top-five pick as if he were running for political office.
    He made the talk-show circuit on radio and TV, stated his case in various
    sports magazines trying to convince everyone and anyone that he was better
    suited to be the No. 1 pick and first quarterback selected. But sports doesn't
    work like politics. Campaigns are done on the field with clutch performances,
    not in the media with smooth sound bites.

    So when he fell all the way to the 22nd pick and was drafted with Cleveland's
    second first-round pick, it seemed just about right for a guy who has too many
    question marks on his scouting reports. So if Brady wasn't good enough to go in
    the top 10 on Saturday, why would the Browns trade an 2007 second-round pick
    and an 2008 first-round pick that is sure to be one of the first five or six
    picks next year? That's simple. Romeo Crennel and his staff don't have time to
    worry about next year's pick, because if they don't win and win big this year,
    they won't be around to use that 2008 pick anyway.

    The Rams work on draft day is one of those "let's wait and see" moves. Though
    Carriker was universally regarded as the third- or fourth-rated defensive
    lineman on most draft boards, no one expects him to develop into a Pro Bowl
    talent or instant superstar. What he probably will prove to be is a solid,
    run-stuffing mainstay who will be a fixture on the line for 10 years. "The best
    thing he does is play the run," Rams coach Scott Linehan said. "He's a very
    disruptive player and understands that a lot of the time that the role of a
    defensive tackle is to eat up blockers so that the linebackers can run free."

    In case you didn't pick up on the subtly of that last remark, Linehan deftly
    reminded us of the biggest fault of the last defensive tackle the Rams picked
    this high — 2003 first-round pick Jimmy Kennedy. Kennedy never has quite gotten
    the hang of the role of a wide-body run-stuffer, and Linehan is tired of
    waiting on him to figure it out.

    The offseason shopping spree isn't over. I still would love to see the Rams
    continue their interest in swiping Jenkins from the Panthers, who are insisting
    that the price tag to acquire someone with his Pro Bowl pedigree must be a
    first-round pick. That deal is dead for now but not necessarily forgotten.
    Maybe after minicamp when the Rams get a look at what they think they have,
    they'll revisit the stiff terms of a potential Jenkins deal and decide that the
    real price for moving out of .500 mediocrity and into serious championship
    contention is to adopt the same "The Future is Now" philosophy that fueled the
    Browns' draft day gambles.

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    Re: Who did the right things? Who knows?

    But The Rams Will Not Trade For Jenkins Now Plain And Simple Sorry Charlie

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    Re: Who did the right things? Who knows?

    Forget about Jenkins. Yeah I wanted us to get him too, but I never believed that we would trade for him, and at this point it should be clear to everyone - it's not happening. The Jenkins trade isn't pining for the fjords, it's just dead. If we were going to do anything we would have done it before or on draft day.

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    Re: Who did the right things? Who knows?

    With Carriker, Kennedy, Glover, Jackson, Wroten, and Ryan I don't think we need to be going after a high priced DT's. Word is the Panthers wanted a 1st and an other pick.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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