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  • Tye Hill

    37 38.95%
  • Adam Carriker

    22 23.16%
  • Chris Long

    6 6.32%
  • Alex Barron

    27 28.42%
  • Donnie Avery

    3 3.16%
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    Who has to step their game up?

    The Rams draft picks from recent years have to step their game up this season for them and the Rams to be successful. The Rams have drafted high alot recently, so the guys who were picked at that position have to either put up or shut up.

    Who (or whom) have to step their game up this year or go packing?

    For me, it's Carriker. He may have been hurt, he may have had to learn a new position. However, he was the 13th pick in his draft. He needs to not just be equivalent to the rest of the people drafted after him, he has to be better.

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    dvbear55 Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I would have to agree with carriker as well. Not exactly built like a DT/NT, but has the quickness and talent to make plays. He Has been injured a little bit in the past two years. The signing of Dorell Scott should be helpful backing up our def. line this year. (unless he starts, of course)

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I don't see how Tye Hill can't be the pick here. All of the others still start at their respective positions. This guy lost his job because he was doing so poorly. Drafting Fletcher made it clear that Spags is not comfortable with our current DB roster, and should have made it clear to Hill that he is expendable, first round pick or not.

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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    First off, i don't see why long and Avery are on this poll because they were good last year as rookies. But it's your poll TX, so i won't argue
    But it's got to be Tye Hill.
    On a roster that isn't so good, only players below adequate will be in risk of being cut. Barron and Carriker seem adequate to me.
    Tye Hill has been downright awful in man to man AND zone schemes.
    This IS his make or break year, especially with youngsters in wade, king, and fletcher breathing down his neck.
    Good poll tx, reps to you

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I voted for Chris Long. Not because I thought he didn't have a solid rookie season but because if he steps his game up and has a pro bowl season it would help the team the most.

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I think AC has to step up is most important!

    First off let me just say why the others need to step up too.

    Tye Hill- contract year so he will probably stop up for money. But he is a 1st rounder and is turning out to be a bust. So he needs to step up if he wants to win that job in the pre-season. But he is not the most important because we have potential starting quality depth behind him and he is the most replace able out of the group.

    Chris Long-I totally agree with why you put him on this poll. Last year was one of the best top prospect filled draft and Long was the 2nd pick. He already proved he can penetrate. Now he needs to prove that on the stat sheet. He needs to have a good sack total and tackle number. (10 sacks 50 tackles). Because if Long can come up big he can make all the other lineman better by taking double teams.

    Alex Barron- It already seems like we are going to be replaced. But it is his contract so he may step up. But i dont think he is the most important. Right now he is playing so so. If he can step we will have a good OL for some years but we will still need a QB (i dont believe in Bulger). I mean S-Jax cannot run 100% of the time.

    Donnie Avery- It is very important that Avery steps up and becomes a good #1 WR. You put Avery on the Patriots he will probably be #5 or #6. Bulger needs a go-to target and with the WR corps the way it is It is important Avery Steps up.

    AC- Our DL can be really good with Spags substitution and AC performing really well. He needs to get healthy and stay healthy and be a run stopper. He is not a really good pass rusher but he can stop the run. He needs to get to the RB so we dont give up 100 yards on the ground every game. Run D is going to be very important for the Rams and AC needs to step up!!

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    maineram Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    Carriker - if he steps up and is a force in the middle, ALL the Db's look better !!!!

    Maine -

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I went with Hill. He has been a big disappointment so far. I still think he can be the player we all thought he could be, he need to show it this year.

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    Well ... on defense I was going to go with Tye Hill, but if I only get one choice (on defense), I guess I'll go with Carriker, as if he improves dramatically, the trickle down effects should make Hill better automatically.

    On offense (sorry I'm picking two players) I'd love to see Jacob Bell add some weight and become a beast at left guard .. :

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    Frito Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I voted Carriker also but, was suprised to see so many agreed. We really need the Prototype Monster Tackle in the Middle must stuff the run and pressure the middle and get in QB face on passes. Carriker is not that type of player so he really needs to step up. Defensive Tackle has been the Rams major issue for years and we've wasted so many drafts trying to get it right. McCoy next year's draft.

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    Carriker, he's the guy that has to rise to the occasion. Everything on defense is going to depend on what happens up front at the point of attack, so what he does is critical IMO.

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I could see Hill on the bench so I went with AC. Long and Avery are rookies coming of a good years, for them it is more like keep improving instead of step your game up

    Year 3 Carriker has to stay healthy and step his game up. The Rams have been terrible against the run and need him to be a force in the middle. This system caters to him and will allow him to get alot of sacks as well as stuff the run. He is going to have to prove that this year.

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    I went with Hill, because he is in danger of becoming another first round defensive bust...

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    Wow, never realized so many people were down on Carriker. The man played with two bad shoulders most of the year and still played better than Jamie Kennedy. I went with Hill after his meltdown last year.

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    Re: Who has to step their game up?

    there's only one player on the list of "high draft picks" that in my mind, has to step up or get packing.

    its Tye Hill. he's a first rounder and only has 1 productive season out of 3.

    I think Carriker is doing fine, by the way.

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