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    theodus69 Guest

    Who is our new OC

    Not sure I have read or seen anything on the new OC,Fill me in on that will somebody? Who is this west coast Offensive guy or is this just a hope we go to the west coast offense.

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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    Pat Shurmur, formerly of the eagles

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    d4nnystl539 Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    I am really not sure what type of offense he will run, but, I'm guessing it will be similar to the West Coast Offense he ran with Westbrook and the rest of the Eagle's offense. Of course, it will also implement the heavy run-first offense that Spagnuolo has stated he would like to see. I am not sure, but I remember hearing something about the offense being something like what the Vikings do, though I'm not sure. I am hoping its something unique that will keep the defense guessing, unlike our last offense...

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    Re: Who is our new OC

    West Coast pedigree makes Shurmur a sure thing
    by Jeff Zillgitt, USAToday, 2/2/05

    JACKSONVILLE Trace the lineage of the quarterbacks coach in the West Coast offense. The end result is predictable. Quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator is almost guaranteed. Quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator to head coach is a strong possibility.

    Steve Mariucci was the QB coach in Green Bay and skipped the offensive coordinators position when San Francisco hired him as the head coach.

    Marty Mornhinweg followed a path similar to Holmgren QB coach in Green Bay, offensive coordinator in San Francisco and head coach in Detroit.

    Mike Holmgren was in charge of the quarterbacks in San Francisco, then the offensive coordinator for the *****, then the head coach in Green Bay.

    Andy Reid coached the quarterbacks in Green Bay before taking the top job in Philadelphia.

    To the chase: If you're a quarterbacks coach in a West Coast offense, career advancement awaits.

    So, here's Pat Shurmur, never a quarterback at any level during his playing days and never a quarterbacks coach at any level before his current gig, coaching Philadelphia's quarterbacks.

    "Pat has done a heck of job," Reid said. "It's not easy filling in for Brad Childress. I know Donovan (McNabb) has a lot of respect for Pat."

    After raving about his assistants and the possibility that Childress, the Eagles' offensive coordinator, may someday get a head coaching job and that Shurmur may become an offensive coordinator in the NFL or a head coach in college, Reid said, "I'm not trying to sell off my whole staff. I feel like I'm at an auction."

    Maybe one day, Shurmur will be Reid's offensive coordinator. Maybe one day, Shurmur will get a job elsewhere.

    "I can't be a good quarterbacks coach for the Philadelphia Eagles if I'm spending my times doing someone else's job," Shurmur said.

    It's plain to see McNabb's improvement in the last few seasons, especially this season when he passed for 3,875 yards, 31 touchdowns and eight interceptions. He completed 64% of his passes and finished with a QB rating of 104.7, the 16th-best rating in NFL history. McNabb set career highs in yards, touchdowns, completion percentage and QB rating.

    McNabb is talented and his stats are just the result of his development. But the role of the quarterbacks coach cannot be discounted.

    "Pat's an important conduit to Donovan because he has his pulse on a day-to-day basis," Childress said. "He's sitting in meetings with him every day. Pat does a great job of relaying Donovan's thoughts to us and our thoughts to him."

    Childress wasn't concerned that Shurmur never played quarterback or had no experiencing coaching quarterbacks until the 2002 season.

    "He's the same kind of student of the game that Andy was," Childress said. "You can be taught. You can learn. He's still in that process. But he's able to give input, and he certainly gives plenty of input."

    It's not a huge surprise Shurmur is where he is. Coaching is in the family. His uncle, Fritz Shurmur, was Green Bay's defensive coordinator when Reid was an offensive assistant for the Packers. In the early '90s, Shurmur coached the offensive line, tight ends at special teams at Michigan State. When the family visited Fritz in Green Bay, Shurmur stopped by Reid's office.

    "I started the interview process with Andy way back when," Shurmur said. "When Andy had an opportunity to be a head coach, I moved up the ranks."

    In 1999, Reid hired Shurmur from Stanford, where Shurmur coached the offensive line. Shurmur started out as the Eagles' offensive line and tight ends coach. He moved into the QB job when Rod Dowhower retired and Childress was promoted from QB coach to offensive coordinator (take note of Childress' career path).

    "I'd like to think I've had some effect on Donovan," Shurmur said. "It's very important with all the things quarterbacks have to do that they're able to see it in a simple way. I try to simplify for it him. I'd like to think my simple demeanor and simple lifestyle has rubbed off on him."

    In the film room and practice, Shurmur will tell McNabb what to look for and what to do in certain situations.

    If a cornerback or safety does this, McNabb should look for that. If a linebacker does this, McNabb should watch for that.

    "You want him to have some recall because there are constantly new things happening," Shurmur said. "The other thing I try to do is remain very calm around him. It's the way I am. It's easy to get excited as a quarterback. You're going to play 60, 70 plays, and every once in a while, you're going to have a bad play. So hey, forget about it, move on and make the next play your best."

    It's that even-keeled temperament that impresses backup quarterback Koy Detmer.

    "From a psychological standpoint, he does a great job of making all of us quarterbacks, particularly Donovan, relaxed about the game plan and all the different situations that could come up in a game," Detmer said. "He doesn't get all worked about whether it's good or bad. You're going to have highs and lows. Lots of things are going on, and you've got to be able to stay calm."

    McNabb played coy when asked what Shurmur's biggest asset is.

    "Pat does an excellent job with just coming up with different routines," McNabb said.

    Those routines are?

    "That's an in-house secret. I can't let that out of the bag. Maybe other coaches will try to do it."

    Or maybe other coaches will want to make Shurmur their offensive coordinator.

    "I'd like to progress to the point where I can be a head football coach someday," Shurmur said. "Until that day comes, I'm excited about being the quarterbacks coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

    "I've always believed those aren't jobs you chase, those aren't jobs you make phone calls about or exert influence to get. If a team owner, university president or board of trustees member looks at you and says 'This guy has the vision to be a head coach,' they come looking for you. That's going to be my approach."

    Given the track record of previous West Coast quarterbacks coaches, there's a strong chance someone will come looking for Shurmur.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    Thank you fellas ,Knew you would send me in the right direction and have the answers I needed . I can't wait for football season............................Guess I'm gonna have to.

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    BobCarl Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    Quote Originally Posted by jbell15 View Post
    Pat Shurmur, formerly of the eagles
    There is a very good article about written about him, much better than the one by Jeff Zillgitt.

    But I absoutly refuse to past it here without a link. Maybe someone will kindly ask the author to obllige you.

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    BobCarl Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    Here is a screen shot to the lead-in to three magazine articles about the Rams primary coaches. It includes the author's moniker, feel free to contact him, he might even be a member here.

    If anyone wishes to post the photo-hotlinks to the pages to any of his articles, be my guest.
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    Re: Who is our new OC

    Quote Originally Posted by BobCarl View Post
    Here is a screen shot to the lead-in to three magazine articles about the Rams primary coaches. It includes the author's moniker, feel free to contact him, he might even be a member here.

    If anyone wishes to post the photo-hotlinks to the pages to any of his articles, be my guest.
    I thought I saw these same pictures posted at the post office!

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: Who is our new OC

    I like the fact that Shurmur comes from a background of offensive line coach. Emphasis and oversight in that area will be important as we overhaul our offensive line. Also, I am impressed with what he was able to do with McNabb in rebuilding his confidence, something Bulger is in dire need of. It's a good hire in my opinion

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    Re: Who is our new OC

    I think it's worth noting that , while having the WCO pedigree, our new OC also is the son of a highly creative DC.

    It makes sense to me that the guy will understand the need to be flexible in his approach, both in terms of attacking a particular defense and adapting to the assets available to him.

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    Re: Who is our new OC

    The biggest acquisitions by the Rams this year was not Brown, Bartell, and Butler. Its these 3 mugs you see up above.

    A change of culture at Rams park that starts at the very top... and thank god.


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