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    I am confused as to what is going on here. We have been losing since 2006, but it has been primarily due to Scott Linehan's ineffectiveness as a coach. Now mind you, we started out pretty hot in 2006 ( 4-1) and finished 8-8. What has happened to the competitiveness of this football team? How come all of sudden Linehan lost his ability to coach and win games and therefore lose his team?

    I have heard numerous talks about our bad draft history since 2004 or so and I was wondering. I know you have those gems that are #1 draft picks ( Orlando Pace for example) then you have those drafted LATE and are virtually no-namers but produce TREMENDOUSLY ( Tom Brady) . What I would like to know is, does winning take GOOD players or is it just the system and coach they are under? Because I look at all the other teams and I become very jealous and angry that they seem to drafting players that perform.

    Lets take a good look at this team. We all know who stays ( Marc Bulger, Steven Jax, Randy Mcmichael, avery, burton, Pace, Bell)and who should go ( Tye Hill, Corey Chavous). But I am not sure about the rest of the crew. They seem like good players, but I am not sure if it was the coach we had during this losing tenure or it was some of the players not being good enough to at the NFL level. Tell me, what is it?? Who do you get rid of and who do you keep?

    I know Haslett is not going to save our season, but this move will definitely let us know who wants to win and who doesnt.

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    Re: WHO STAYS and WHO GOES??

    Now we are in a wait and see mode as to what players want to stick around and suceed because the coach is NOT going to be the scapegoat for the rest of the year.
    As to who stays and who goes that is down to who is most productive and fits under the cap.


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