I'm assuming u mean Aaron rodgers. If so he was a 1st rrounder and he didn't take a back seat to a 3rd or 4th rounder that was drafted AFTER him... Simple... See?
You assume correctly that Aaron is the Rodgers in question. However, you completely missed the point. It's not that he was sitting behind someone drafted after him (though to be accurate, Favre (#33) WAS drafted after Rodgers (#24). Rather Rodgers was 2nd string simply (note the proper use of "simply") because there was a better option ahead of him. Was Rodgers a wasted pick? Of course not.
I am a fan, speaking in fan expectations, and labels.
Yes, exactly. The problem being when a fan tries to evaluate the teams transactions and decisions based on those expectations and labels. There's no value in a discussion that says the Rams made a mistake because a fan expected more from a player. The most likely situation is unrealistic expectations from a fan.
My point was if a 4th rounder takes a 2nd rounders (who was drafted a yr prior) spot or out performs him a mistake was made.
Yes, I understand your point. I just disagree with it.
Or you just have a very good problem to solve.
And finally the sunlight begins to creep in.