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I was looking at Alshon Jeffery numbers 89 catches, 1421 yards, 7 TDs and thought wow we could have drafted him. Then I looked closer. He had 150 targets 150! The Bears used him a lot. He averaged 16 yards per catch and caught the ball 59% of the time, when targeted.

Quick was targeted only 36 times and caught the ball 50% of the time for 302 yards, 2 TDs and a higher avg. 16.8.

If Quick was targeted 150 times he could have produced, 75 Catches for 1260 yards and 8 TDs.

OK not an exact science but it stands to reason if you play him and target him more often he can produce very good numbers.
I think simplifying the playbook for these young WRs would do more good than "unearned" starter practice reps or gametime. Why does a rookie/raw player need to learn all plays from all 3 spots before getting on the game roster/into rotation, as it seems these guys like TA and BQ have been asked to do ? Figure out a few things they & their unit do well and let them do it often. I don't believe this BS about creative playcalling or surprise being the key to getting the most out of Austin, for eg, it's about consistent execution by him and the rest of the unit.

As I've noted before, not my theory, it's Bill Walsh's. Worked for Floyd in AZ and Keenan Allen in SD. Watch early Alshon Jeffery tape & you'd probably see something similar, I'd guess