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    Who would have thought.........?

    Who would have thought at the time after our first two games of the year that we could have won any game without Martz, Bulger, Holt, Bruce, Roland, Butler, Little. You have to give everyone today credit for stepping up and playing with so many leaders out of this game.

    Cheers to every Ram that stepped on the field today not named Damione.

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    Re: Who would have thought.........?

    Well done! Well said! :up: So true.

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    Re: Who would have thought.........?

    the blow was uncalled for but at least he was showing some intensity and fire.

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    Re: Who would have thought.........?

    Maybe the other guy tried to kiss him or something!'d of done the same thing!.................LMAO............He's not a dirty player so i would imagine that the Olineman had to of started it!

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    Re: Who would have thought.........?

    Guys, maybe it's just me, but I can't think of a single reason that would validate D-Lew's actions today. There's just no reason to sock a guy in the marbles in the middle of a football game. If he's bigger, badder, and hittin' on your girlfriend, then yea........but not in a game.
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