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    Whoa! Wait a minute on the O-Line now ...

    Yes, the O-line put us in some horrible situations today, particularly with the false starts ...

    But look at a few of the screw ups ...

    The 3rd and 1 that we failed to convert on a run by Jackson. They had a guy lined up left of the line that was free, and came around the backside and dropped Jackson in the backfield. I believe that is Bulger's responsibility to move players to prevent this type of thing from happening ...

    Blocking against the 4-man rush and single blitzers was pretty solid. Not alot of run to run when it all comes down to it, but they could stack against the run at all times because our wideouts could get no separation ...

    HERE IS THE PROBLEM. STEVEN JACKSON IS TERRIBLE IN BLITZ PICKUP. I believe he missed a block on three of the sacks. If he makes the block, Bulger might be able to step up in the pocket and make some type of throw. He is horrible at this, always has been....

    So, remember, it's not solely the lines fault. The backs and TE's have responsibilities too ...

    Regardless, the false starts are unacceptable. It didn't even seem that noisy in there.

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    Re: Whoa! Wait a minute on the O-Line now ...

    People need to stop pointing the finger at the team. The blame falls on Linehan and his poor game plan.

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