i want to see the organisation give them a fair shot tat the whip. even if we have a losing season the first year, let the head coach try to build a team. rome wasnt built over night and i want to see this organisation grow again but if you keep chopping and changing your always starting from the bottom and trying again.

manchester united manager sir alex ferguson took like 2 years to win a trophy and at one stage was only 1 game away from getting sacked and it was a late ish goal that got a good result that actually saved him. he has gone on to be the greatest manager of his generation and top 3 managers of all time imo.

look at the guy in NYG, the season before last he was literally days away from getting sacked and shocked most of the nfl that he actually kept his job, the yr after he led the team to be superbowl champs, major turn around

give them a chance and chances are they will suceed.