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    Why I don't see major changrs at SS

    Craig Dahl solid all year good in run support and improved in pass coverage. Ya I know he gave up that big play at Seatle. He is an average player and one of Spags guys he knows the system and is still young and cheaply signed for 2 more years and is a key special teamer.

    I think OJ has played well enough to and the Rams will either renegotiate that 8 mil bonus or just pay him. So I don't see them spending big money on another safety when they already reluctantly spent big money on a safety in Oj.

    Darian Stewart played alot towards the end of the year as the third safety improved in coverage and was an effective blitzer. He had a pretty good rookie season and still has room to grow. I don't see alot of reason to draft a mid to late round pick when we have Stewart as a developmental guy.

    James Butler is also still on roster and is signed relitivley cheaply another average safety. Another reason why we shouldn't sign another average safety.

    The best place for the Rams to get a safety would be the 2nd or 3rd round, but I see bigger needs like DE, DT, OLB, WR, OG, and RB.

    With OJ the big money guy, Stewart the developmental prospect, and Dahl/Butler as the average glue guys I don't see alot of changes to this group.

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    Re: Why I don't see major changrs at SS

    Here is my thoughts on the safety position.

    IMHO the Rams are 2 play makers on the D side in becoming a top defensive unit. If the Rams get a another impact safety next to OJ and shore up the other end opposite of Long then look out here comes the BIG D in St. Louis.

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    Re: Why I don't see major changrs at SS

    i would like to see us get a thumper at SS but i would put a higher priority on OLB.

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