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    Why I hate sportswriters and commentators, and love Jack Snow

    I hate sportswriters. I also generally hate commentators.


    Well, at the risk of sounding immodest, its because, for the most part, I know as much about the game as they do, and have as good or better insight. Heck, its really not such a big self-compliment. Virtually everyone who posts here could say the same thing.

    Sportswriting/commentating has become a lost craft. Rather than taking the time to develop relationships with the coaches and players so that they can provide real inside information, most of them take the same information we have access to, and either spin some inane "angle," or speculate in the hope of guessing right so they can say "see, I scooped that story." (John Hadley is the worst when it comes to this latter tactic).

    Take ESPN's reaction to the Randy Moss incident this weekend. On the one hand, they refused to show the "mooning" on Sportscenter or NFL Prime Time. I guess they thought that made them somehow the residents of the moral high ground. But, at the same time, they can't stop talking about it. In other words, out of one side of their mouth they talk like they're above promoting Moss' antics, while out of the other they are making the story 10x bigger than it ever needed to be.

    The same thing happens locally in St. Louis. Why do we constantly need to hear Bernie Miklasz talking about himself in his articles - defending himself against moronic (and, sometimes, not so moronic) critics. Instead of doing that (and patting himself on the back in the process), maybe he could actually give us a story, an insight, or even a single fact that enhances our knowledge of what's going on with the team.

    The only one I really like is Jack Snow. The reason is, he doesn't try to constantly prove to us what a big "insider" he is (though he probably has as much or more access to the team as anyone) or try to get the "scoop" on some big story that probably will never happen (has Marshall retired yet, by the way, Hadley?).

    No, he just is a big fan, who knows the game of football and the team and can share his own experiences. When we cheer, he cheers. When we yell "damnit," he does too. He's optimistic and always hoping for the best - just like (most of) us.

    Here's to you, Jack Snow. The rest of them can go become insurance salesmen for all I care.

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    Re: Why I hate sportswriters and commentators, and love Jack Snow


    Without being too much of a Homer, Jack Snow tends to tell the truth. Even though he is paid by the Rams heíll still be honest and tell you when a mistake was made. He may try to put a positive spin on things from time to time, but heís honest and insightful!

    The rest of the local media (excluding Jim Thomas, Mike Claiborne) is useless. Bernie is just a bozo who tries to be controversial, he never adds any value or brings any insight.

    The hosts of the KFNS morning show just repeat what was written in the paper. That is when they have time to actually talk about sports. As for Kevin Slaten, he should try to learn a little about sports before forming strong opinions. Itís a shame KFNS doesnít let Claiborne host the show alone. Iíve found local 1380am to be more insightful. Actually they were the first ones to break the story that Darrell Jackson had a cop guarding his locker.

    The national media only has a snippet of time to cover the Rams, so they simply toss out a couple of the local headlines, and move on. No in depth reporting whosoever.

    If you really want to know whatís happing inside Rams Park, listen to Jack Snow. When heís not on the air, 1380am local is a good backup source.

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    Re: Why I hate sportswriters and commentators, and love Jack Snow

    Avenger sometimes your not so funny. Sometimes your right on the money as well. Did you notice how crushed the commentators were yesterday when it became apparent that their favorite Packers were not going to advance. It was particularly galling when Minnesota muffed a punt prompting one excited commentator to yell FUMBLE! Then after Minnesota alertly fell on the ball. The commentator that had just jizzed all over his microphone whined "Naturally." obviously not happy that Green Bay did not get their break he continued. "I've never seen anything like this." Obviously he has never seen a San Francisco game.
    You have to excuse the media because when ever something like the Moss incident occur it keeps them from having to do any real journalistic work and allows them to turn out tabloid bile instead.

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    Re: Why I hate sportswriters and commentators, and love Jack Snow

    Ever since cable came along, I have said that I will pay extra for the NFL to broadcast the "sounds of the game" (You know - coaches yelling, players frothing, that kind of thing) instead of "colorless commentary."

    Since DirecTV wants to charge me extra for "HD" they obviously can segregate signals, might as well segregate sound tracks also. It is so annoying to have a blind man try to describe to me what he can't see in the first place.

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    Re: Why I hate sportswriters and commentators, and love Jack Snow

    Good comment, RamTime.

    Now, from what I posted on another thread here regarding Jack and Kevin Who?:

    If anyone has a problem with Jack Snow, they have a problem with me first!

    He's sure a Ram diehard; made M-A-N-Y a fine contribution to our play. I remember well...

    I remember him as a Rams WR from 1966 on.


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