JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. Why keep calling dive play for SJAX?

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    Why keep calling dive play for SJAX?

    Why do we keep calling dive plays for Jackson when they've been failing miserably since week one. That play simply has not been working for Jax but someone, perhaps Shurmur, keeps running it like clockwork. Perhaps we could have earned a W in weeks 1 & 2 if we had not thrown away so many downs with that dive play up the middle. We finally got some success with that play in the second half when Darby & Toston came in to sub for Jax. Coincidence? Perhaps, but why all the persistence with this play when it clearly was paying off little to no dividends. Perhaps someone here can enlighten me.

    Also, could Bradford's speed be a factor in some of the dropped passes we've seen so far?

    Go "Dem Rams"!!!

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    Re: Why keep calling dive play for SJAX?

    The dropped passes appeared to be the fault of the receivers, in general. I do not think that ball velocity is the issue. Bradford should have had at least 5-7 more passes caught on Sunday that were dropped (primarily in the first half).

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