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    Why No MArket For Holt?

    I can't understand that some team doesn't trade for Holt, especially with Dallas added to the good teams with a big need at WR. Dallas doesn't have a #1 pick to fill that void, and the free agent pickins are slim.

    So why not just wait till the Rams have to cut him?

    Well, with this thin free agent market remaining, I'd say you would see Holt get overpaid anyway to give him the best deal.

    He'd like to go to Carolina, but they are in cap hell, and I don't see Holt leaving millions on the table to go home.

    Not with teams like Dallas, Tennessee, the Giants,Bucs,Vikings, Ravens, Jaguars, Colts and the Eagles looking for WR help.

    six of them play in two divisions, which could really drive up the price in a bidding war.

    Seattle likes to throw money away too, so why not take a chance on Holt and make their receiving corps look very good all of a sudden.

    No wonder Holt wants to get cut, with all those teams salivating over acquiring him when they look at what he can add.

    That's not even metioning teams like Chicago, Washington, Oakland, Cincinnati, San Fran, Detroit, and Houston that could go after Holt.

    Are NFL teams that dumb, not to see what will happen if Holt is a free agent.

    It isn't worth a third or fourth rounder even to make sure you get him?

    Too Bad Mike Martz isn't coaching somewhere

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Why No MArket For Holt?

    Barry, you raise an excellent point of course, but if a team trades for him now, dont they do so assuming, but not knowing, whether they can work out a contract with holt, or are you suggesting that the rams could make what amounts to a conditional deal, subject to the trade partner agreeing to terms with holt. As it stands, a team that trades for him is stuck with the one terrible cap year of the contract, absent a new deal if i understand correctly.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Why No MArket For Holt?

    A few things.

    I don't know that there isn't any market for Holt. Maybe there is some market for him but teams want things the Rams or Holt is unwilling to do in order to make a trade. Perhaps teams want the Rams to absorb the $1.2 mil roster bonus to make the trade. Perhaps they want assurances that Holt will renegotiate his current contract if they trade for him.

    If there is truly no market for him, it could very well be because Holt is simply not the player he once was. He has a chronic knee condition that will only continue to get worse with time. He's clearly lost not just one, but a couple steps. And, he hasn't been the most eager player out there to accept change and a reduced role and that could concern teams.

    It probably all comes down to the cost/benefit thing with him at this point. He's not worth a cap hit of $8 mil anymore. If he's not traded and the Rams do release him, I'm sure he'll have some suitors, but not at $8 mil per season he won't. If I had to guess now, I think he'll sign with some team for somewhere around a 3 year deal worth $12-$15 mil with about $4 mil in guaranteed money. It will be a deal that would essentially halve his cap hit this year and make him cutable after one season.

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    Re: Why No MArket For Holt?

    [quote=Barry Waller;279315] Well, with this thin free agent market remaining, I'd say you would see Holt get overpaid anyway to give him the best deal. /quote]

    many valid points in your post, but i guess i kinda see it the opposite regarding teams being willing to overpay for Holt.

    WR was one of the few positions this year that had plenty of free agent depth. even after the two guys the Rams were interested were signed... TJ Housh was recently signed... and now you've got 3 big name veterans available in Marvin Harrison, T.O., and presumably Holt. Boldin may still end up on the market too! There's also a lot of utility wr's of Dane Looker's caliber (including Mr. Looker himself) that are still floating around out there.

    so with all the free agents wr's available, i think Holt is less likely to be overpaid than underpaid. only time will tell i guess.

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    Re: Why No MArket For Holt?

    WEll lets see....

    T.O. Harrison, likely Plex, and a few others make it difficult to peddle Holt. Plus unlike Harrison and Plex, perhaps T.O., Holt hasnt had very productive years with the Rams

    So your another team, and you got your pick---T.O? Plex, Harrison?--Holt?

    Right now the Titans, Eagles, and Bangles are in serious need of WR help as long as the Panthers. The NFL still is bound to the economic rules of supply and demand...lots of supply out there and very little demand

    Its why in a earlier post I said, Holt ought to have reschedualled his contract with the Rams for one more year, and see if he can increaces his marketability

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